SOUND Pollution


    In the brainstorming we propose as solutions to reduce sound pollution that we can travel by foot or by bike. We can do less roadworks. We can install non-polluant sound isolation on the wall and PVC on the floor. We can put isolations to reduces the sound, close the door of classes when we enter. We must speak more quietly at lunch, we can turn down the sound of the ringbell.



    1. Turn off your electronics when they’re not in use.
    2. Walk on foot more, use cars less.
    3. Listen to music quieter.


    1. Instead of normal bells use one ringtone of a soft music using school radio.
    2. Open two or three classrooms downstairs as so called "quiet rooms". 
    3. Ban listening to music using headphones during the breaks. 



     We could reduce noise if we play songs quietly.



    Some of the ways we can reduce noise pollution are:

    - put insulating plates in each class
    - close the door of the classroom so we will reduce the outside noise

    - speaking in a low tone of voice
    - decrease the use of electrical apliances that make noise 
    - listen to quiet music for relaxing 
    - install other types of acustic isolation, for example coconut shell
    - put rubber pads under chairs and tables
    - install cork pannels and paint them
    - install egg carton containers on the walls
    - install insulating doors and windows

    - be aware that noise causes discomfort, be careful when dragging chairs or other furniture