A2.2. Noise pollution research

  • A2 Air, light and noise pollution research

    At first only French students were supposed to do these researches, but according to the amount of work necessary and the project's schedule, we decided to  divide the work between the different organizations. Therefore, during November 2014, a group of Croatian students did researches about light pollution, French and Czech students about air pollution, Polish and Spanish students about noise pollution.

    The most important aims of the researches are: to raise awareness about what creates pollution and their different damages on health, to develop critical minds of the students in front of large amount of information, to discover and learn new web tools to communicate their information.

    The students through various means (website, newspapers, scientific magazines, schoolbooks..) find information about the three kind of pollutions studied in our project. They had to select relevant data (texts, diagrams, pictures) and to choose different web-tools to present their work in order to inform other students involved in the project but also other targets groups (students of the school not involved in the project, teachers, parents, students from other schools). Croatian, Polish and Spanish students worked with Glogster (interactive posters website which allows to included pictures as well as videos..), French, Spanish and Polish students with Pixton (web-tools with which students built their own comics about air and noise pollution) and Padlet (web-tool which allow to create an interactive pin board, here about the effects of air pollution on health). Students did quizzes using google forms to assess the knowledge of each other’s.

    Some posters have been done in English and French.

    All these presentations have been posted on Twinspace, some have even been printed out and put on pin- boards in different schools as dissemination and for parent-teacher meetings


    • Interactive posters, comics about light, noise and air pollution for students, teachers, parents and local community
    • Students got familiar with new web tools



    Presentation on noise pollution presented at the Meeting "Acusticat" in Sabadell, Barcelona (Spain)








    Glog about noise pollution was made by Lara Vranić, Ariana Pakušić and Jana Tarnik (Croatia)


    The comic made by a Polish student

    Comic made by Croatian students: Mara, Dora, Mia


    Spanish poster