2nd project meeting in Preili, Latvia (February 2020) (C2 activity)

  • Group picture of participants from Latvia, Spain, Sweden, Slovenia and Bulgaria. Time after doing all work, experiencing outdoors at their best and three seasons of the weather. 

    With some presents that will be used in the kitchen for sustainable practices in Preili Free school. 

    One of parts of the meeting was exchanging of the good practices and experiencing outdoor education Latvian way. Thanks to Latvian State forests, we explored best practice of their education process for school children. 

    We did exploration in a different types of the forests. 

    We did some of the work indoors too. We did researching and ideas hunting on what can be outdoor education practices and examples. 

    Presentations and being able to get your thoughts out in open always have been an important skill that is needed. This time in English. 

    Group work in one of learning ways, to create process that includes everyone and gives opportunity to share and create common. This time about outdoor topics. 

    Visiting Preili library that is run by minicipality, to explore other opportunities of outdoor education ways.