Col·legi Sant Roc - how covid affected us

  • 1.How are relationships with children, parents and among teachers affected by COVID-19 measures.


    There have been several measures that we have had to take and that have had a great impact when it comes to interacting with children, parents and other teachers. In the first place, the fact of wearing a mask and having to keep a safety distance have had the consequence that we had to delimit the courtyards so that each class was separated from the others. At the same time, families have been banned from the center.



    All this, together with some hygiene and prevention measures, have made it possible to bring a certain normality back to school. Among these measures is hand cleaning and temperature measurement.


    In addition, bubble groups have formed that have helped limit the impact of a possible positive.


    In the case of having to confine a class, the course has been continued online through the Google Classroom platform and via videoconference with Google Meet.


    In addition, these tools have allowed us to carry out meetings with families in a closer way than through a phone call.


    2. What are our bigger challenges with making connections with our students, parents and colleagues in COVID-19 times?


    The biggest challenges have been the fact of having to change our way of working, and above all, of helping us with technology to overcome the problems that have been appearing. The responsibility of the student and close contact with the families has been key for everything to have a happy ending.


    In this sense, we have also incorporated voice amplifiers, since the masks have made it difficult for the students to understand us.



    The downside of this situation has been that we have had to abandon cooperative work during this course, which we hope to recover for the next.


    In addition, we have had to include a cross ventilation system by opening the windows, which in the winter time has been quite hard for the students as it is quite cold.


    3. Are there any positive aspects of teaching (and connecting) with students, parents and colleagues in COVID-19 times?


    Despite everything, some changes have had positive effects on the student body.


    We have noticed that this course there have been fewer absences due to illness thanks to the use of masks.


    On the other hand, they have developed a series of skills that were lacking lately. The students have shown themselves to be more autonomous and responsible, acquiring a good command of ICT, not only for their own interests, but also for work at school.



    4. Example of good practice of connecting with parents/students/colleagues in COVID-19 times.


    As examples of good practices established by the project in relation to families, students and colleagues, we have introduced cascade training explaining Erasmus projects to all of them, and including activities related to it, such as the ecological footprint that is worked on in early childhood education.