Lesson plan, Bulgaria

  • Lesson plan for preparatory group


    Topic: "We are the friends of the Earth"

    Educational areas - knowledge, communication, work, health, physical development.

    Objective: To expand and deepen children's knowledge of the relationship between the natural world and human activities, both economic and environmental


    - to consolidate children's knowledge of the properties of different materials;

    - to clarify the children's knowledge of the causes of garbage;

    - to form ideas for children for waste disposal, for the possibility of recycling household waste;

    - activation of the dictionary (sorting, waste, household waste);

    - stimulating interest in research, improving the ability to operate with existing knowledge, to summarize, to draw conclusions;

    - to promote respect for the cleanliness of city streets;

    - to motivate children for separate waste collection.

    Preliminary preparation:

    • Walks and daily observation. Research and analysis of the ecological condition of the sites in the immediate environment (kindergarten, yard, park, etc.,

    • Participation in Saturdays, days (weeks) for environmental protection.

    • Assistance of the assistant educator in cleaning the area of ​​the kindergarten.

    • Reading V. Sukhomlinski's story "Two Girls".

    -Talks on "What harm to nature can the plastic bag cause".

    • Conducting a family competition for waste materials, work in the creative workshop "Garbage Needlework". Exhibition decoration.

    • Work in nature (collecting leaves for the composter, planting and caring for vegetables in the garden, etc.)

    Materials and equipment:

    Large table with a set of "garbage" (cardboard box, napkins, candy wrappers, pieces of colored paper, newspapers, foil, plastic parts of toys, plastic bags, plastic bottles and packaging, wooden cubes).

    Containers for separate collection of solid waste in different colours ( for paper, glass, plastic, etc.), Exhibition of crafts from Western material. Dirty suit, presentation "Where to put the garbage", music "The Three Buckets" / https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Shjr4wlQOpA and outdoor game "If you are looking .."

    Course of the situation:

    Cleanliness: Hello children. Do you know why we are all gathered in a beautiful hall? (children's answers). Children! Today I want to talk to you about cleanliness, not in vain my name is Clean!

    / Presentation with comments /

    In the spring, as soon as the snow begins to melt, you can see mountains of rubbish on the roads, in ditches, near houses, near shops. This is not good for our city in any way. The organization for collection, transportation, disposal of household waste is a very urgent task.

    Cleanliness: Kids, do you know what garbage is?

    Garbage is what we no longer need. Many years ago, the issue of household waste recycling was not big. Farmers put their produce from the field directly on the table. There was no need for packaging, advertising. Vegetable husks are fed to livestock or used as compost as fertilizer. When people moved to the city, there was a problem with garbage disposal.

    The big cities were the first to feel the invasion of garbage. Very soon they were followed by provincial towns, villages, and even the smallest remote villages did not escape the sad fate of acquaintance with civilization. Subjected to this invasion of forests and rivers. The big Bulgarian cities are surrounded by garbage, some of which are everywhere, others are collected in landfills. There the garbage looks unaesthetic. He literally poisoned our lives. After all, every landfill is a real chemical mine that affects hundreds of hectares of land around it and releases dangerous toxins into the atmosphere.

    We often see rubbish buried in the ground. Why do they do it? Is everything rotting in the ground? (Children's assumptions.) Children, do you know how many different types of garbage decompose in the natural environment?

    Paper - 2-10 years

    Tin boxes - 80 years.

    Plastic bags - 200 years.

    Plastic - 500 years old.

    Glass - 1000 years old.

    Worldwide, waste is considered a raw material for a future product. But to solve the problem, separate waste collection is needed.

    This facilitates recycling in the factory. That's how they started doing it in our country. Pay attention to the slide, there are different colors of different garbage containers

    Cleanliness: Do you like it when there is a lot of garbage around? Can we do something to reduce the garbage around us.

    Currently, some types of waste are used as fuel for power plants, for example. And how else can we use garbage for useful purposes (children's answers). Slide from the exhibition about the second life of garbage.

    Children, remember how the poet Andrei Usachev wrote about this in the poem "Fantasy of Garbage".


    Never throw away skins, skins, sticks -

    Our cities will quickly become dumps.

    If you're a waste now, then pretty soon

    Garbage mountains can grow here.

    But when they start flying to school with a rocket -

    The worst will happen on the planet.

    How are they going to launch a rocket into space

    Jars, flasks, flakes, torn packages.

    Then the snowflakes will not fly in the New Year,

    And the old boots will fall like hail.

    And when it rains from empty bottles -

    Do not go for a walk: take care of the nape!

    What will grow in the garden or in the garden,

    How will the garbage cycle go in nature?

    And even though we don't fly to school with a rocket,

    Better get rid of waste now, kids!

    Against the background of a melody enters Dirty hero kicks the garbage, scatters it and laughs.

     Dirty hero: What are you talking about here so interesting?

    Cleanliness: Dirty hero , I tell children how important it is to keep our planet clean!

    Dirty hero: What are you doing here! Kids need garbage! Yes, garbage adorns our planet! It shows that people live here, not just animals. When you arrive on another planet where there are no people, you immediately notice that something is missing - there is nothing to kick. Terrible! Where it's nice to relax, it's next to the garbage cans, but you don't wash your hands, break trees, throw garbage out the windows! After all, cleanliness is our enemy! Yes, you have a mess here ... Well, nothing, I'll sort things out now. .. (kicks garbage, laughs) That's it! And you don't have to tell me anything! Dirt is good!

    Cleanliness: Oh, dirty! How confused you are !!!! Children! Let's show Dirty hero how to properly clean our garbage!

    Outdoor play "Who will quickly and correctly collect the garbage in a container." In turn, the children from each group transfer the "garbage" in the appropriate containers one by one.

    Cleanliness: What good friends! Look, Dirty hero, how beautiful and clean it became!

     / one bottle remains on the floor in the hall /.

    Dirty hero: Clean .. clean .... Now I'll see what you took there !!!!

    / goes to the trash, stumbles on a bottle, falls /.

    Dirty hero :AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaa !!! How it hurts me !! Why did I fall ??!?!?!

    Cleanliness: You fell because you stumbled in the trash! You see how important it is to keep everything clean! Too bad you don't think so.

    Dirty hero: Yeah .. now I understand how important it is to live clean!

    Cleanliness: Oh, if you know how nice it is to play in a clean room! Now we will show you with the children, we will play our favorite games.

    / play games /

    Cleanliness: Dirty hero did you like to play with children in a clean room?

    Dirty hero: Oh, it's wonderful, thank you kids!

    Cleanliness: Let's summarize: Waste can be less polluting if reused. And for this it is necessary to sort the waste as much as possible. Kids, what did you learn today? (children's answers

    Cleanliness with Dirty hero: If everyone strives to make the yard, street, city cleaner, all people will breathe fresh air, will drink clean water, will admire the beauty of the earth. After all, well-maintained land has one who values ​​and protects it! We must not forget: We are friends on Earth.