Reflection from Slovenian team

  • Reflection of the 4th virtual meeting in May 2021 on Waste management in May 2021


    Benefits of the meeting:

    As all meetings, physical and virtual, it helped us to do a wrap up of the theme: go through the activities, new gained knowledge and ideas. We also connected again and learn some new things about each other. Meetings help us to work better as a team and get some inspiration for future work

    We are more used to virtual meetings now. Thanks to all team building activities and group room discussions it feels like we know each other in the project more. We also learn mora about our Spanish, their local area, customs…

    This meeting also offered us some new digital tool that we did not know before.


    Shared examples of good practice:

    We liked Spanish team meeting opening about expectation for the meeting. It is really important to ask participants about their wishes, goals and ideas.

    Swedish presentation was very informative, especially the part about biogas being more beneficial than the compost.

    It was great to hear Bulgarian children learning about recycling as this is something that is not an everyday activity to them.

    Solutions for each other’s problems were really useful and well thought.

    Latvian presentation was inspiring – it really is important to focus on what we really need and what we already have.  Spanish team stated the importance of involving parents which is something we need to do more in our school.


    What could be done better

    We need to be more active in main room, but this is something it might change over time as people get less shy. Facilitator of the conference should be really active and engaging so people participate more. Waiting time at the beginning should be shorter – we need to be more punctual.


    New ideas, new knowledge

    As mentioned above, we really like our solution to the excessive waste problem. We got inspired by all the presentation. Knowledge about biogas and of course new tools such as Socrative, Nearpod, Edpuzzle.