Preili Free school

  • Let me introduce you the the forest space of Preili Free school. 

    This space is result of our work and idea to integrate outdoor education in learning process. Mainly forest is used by 4-6 year old preschool group and 1-3rd grade school children. 4-6th grade school children are using htis space but little more rarely. 

    Look at it from a bit more away. The flag was made by our EVS volunteers Jakob and Clarissa as one of theirfarewell present. Volunteers were from school year 2018/2019.


    This is a tree that is adapted for climbing anf resting. Place to show art too. 


    Regularly the space is improved with different activity spaces. usually they are made together with children. 


    Innovative swing. 


    Play area made from wood circles. It is sensory and balance training. Children use it also for playing and inventing games. 


    Slackline. Balance training can't get better then this. 


    Labirynth in making. Also allows to understand the layers of the soil.


    Self made activity space for climbing, training whatever skill is needed.


    Wood pile. Created together with children, so there would be wood for fireplace. We have made also own fireplace. Quite often we make hotdogs or banana desserts there. 


    Typical swing, this can e used to train balance, to understnad levelling, get aware of own body movement.