6th project meeting in Vrhnika, Slovenia (July 2022) (C6 activity)


    Little footprints leave a small carbon footprint behind: 6th LTT mobility in Vrhnika, Slovenia


    Participants of the meeting are:


    Latvia: Aija, Zaiga, Inguna

    Bulgaria: Ekaterina, Yordanka, Vasilka, Slavka, Margarita

    Spain: Mercedes, Julia, Betsabe

    Slovenia: Anja, Lara, Nadja, Daniela

    Sweden: Johanna, Cecilia, Helena, Carina, Lena, Ulrika


    Day 1, July 4 2022



    Participants gathered in front of the unit Želvica, Vrtec Vrhnika. They were greeted by Anja (project coordinator), director Anita and her assistant Andreja. 


    In the teachers room Anja explained the timeline for all 3 meeting days. Coordinators, who already explored the units at the first meeting, will stay in the teachers room and work on final report and project materials, the rest of participants will do a teambuilding game on the first day and participate in creative workshops on the 2nd and 3rd day.


    Exploring the units (team building game)


    Participants were divided into 3 mixed national teams. Their task was to transform themselves into journalists who were given a task on making a video report on kindergartens in Vrtec Vrhnika. They were given hats and other props that would help them get in character and tablets with the instructions and materials. Each team was joined by one of the Slovenian participants, whose job was to guide, help and drive (if needed) participants around. 

    Teams were instructed to go around the town of Vrhnika and kindergarten units, take videos & photos, gather facts and make a video report. The report needed to include:

    ·       Vrhnika’s local attractions/sights/famous persons/natural sights…

    ·       1 sustainable practice you observed in the kindergarten

    ·       1 creative practice you observed in the kindergarten

    ·       1 structural element you observed in the kindergarten

    ·       some facts about the kindergarten 

    ·       part of the spoken commentary in Slovenian

    ·       mischievous word 

    ·       mischievous object (in the mystery bag given to participants)

    Report needed to be around 2-3 minutes long and contain videos, photos and spoken

    commentary. App called Inshot was uploaded on their tablets to edit videos. From 9.15am to 12.00 they worked on their reports. After that they had some time for editing before and after lunch.


    Link to movies: 

    Team 1: https://vimeo.com/726699553

    Team 2: https://vimeo.com/726811135

    Team 3:https://vimeo.com/726814253



    Writing reports 

    Coordinators made a plan about writing the final report. Aija created a google folder and excel file where coordinators added different project activities that we need to put in the Mobility Tool. Anja created a shared document with all the report questions where coordinators wrote down their ideas.We also discussed dissemination activities and checked the project application if we did all the activities and met project goals. 


    After lunch in the teachers room at 13.00, teams continued with editing and coordinators with discussion on the report. We finished the activities at 14.30.


    Escape room game about cutting down food waste


    In the afternoon at 17.00 we visited a non profit organization called Ecologist without borders (Ekologi brez meja) in Ljubljana’s old town. Our host Barbara explained what is the purpose of their organization and timeline of the workshop. We played a team building game in a form of escape room on the subject of cutting down waste food. We were divided in 3 teams and were given a suitcase of instructions, worksheets and clues. We had about an hour to solve the clues and get to the password. We learned techniques of cutting down food waste along the way. 


    After the workshop, most of the participants shared dinner in the city center.




    Day 2, July 5 2022


    Watching the videos


    We gathered again at 9am in Vrtec Vrhnika. Anja explained the timeline for the day. First, we watched all three videos that were made the day before. Coordinators, who did not participate in the making, rated the videos according to criteria we set. Team 3 won and was given a trophy. The video was published on our Facebook page.



    Creative workshop using waste materials


    Daniela, Nadja and Lara explained to participants the purpose of the workshop: they will build 3 interactive walls for children, 2 water walls and 1 music wall. They will use mostly waste materials, donated by parents and local companies. 

    Participants were divided into 3 groups (Bulgaria, Sweden and Spain/Latvia). In the gym, they first worked on their designs, tested the ideas and then started building the walls.


    Writing the reports

    Coordinators continued with writing the reports and started doing the plan of sustainability guidelines leaflet. 


    Farewell party in the kindergarten yard


    At 13.00 we started with preparations for our farewell party that took place on a green area behind the kindergarten where we have our wood burning oven. Participants made decorations, prepared toppings for pizzas, made drinks using herbs from the garden and played party games, prepared by Bulgarian team. We danced, played team building games, talked and baked pizzas. 

    Day 3, July 6 2022




    Teams continued with working on their walls in the garden/playground. They were joined by a teacher that helped them with some technical work. All teams managed to finish their designs in time.



    Making project materials

    Coordinators discussed the ideas for texts and designs of the leaflet. It will be made in the form of a treasure map with 6R as the main idea. There will be steps with ideas/activities which can be implemented in schools across the EU to make them more sustainable. Rethink approach will be our main focus.


    Anja will polish the text, do a spell check and send design ideas and text to a graphic designer. Slovenia will cover the costs. The leaflet should be finished by the end of August. Each country should make a translation and send the leaflet to at least 100 schools and one non-profit organization, dealing with ecology. 



    After lunch we watched through some project highlights, prepared by the Swedish team, shared memories and the way we experienced it. 

    As the Swedish team had some bad luck recently on their travels, we did the evaluation in the form of a game that would lift their traveling curse. 

    Aija wrote down ‘the recipe’ for the magic potion, which contained an object from each participant and our evaluation forms. People wrote down:

    • 5 things that can take from the project

    • 2 best memories

    • 3 best meal

    • 1 thing you missed

    • Plans for the future.


    Each participant picked an object that represented their feelings about mobility in Slovenia and explained it to others, then threw it into a pot together with an evaluation form. After all participants finished the task, we mixed everything together and hopefully lifted the curse. Each coordinator read one of the evaluations out loud. 


    Director Anita joined us outside for the certificate ceremony and group photo.