Preili Free school

  • One of project activities in every country is to upgrade the school outdoor space. This summer our amazing parents came together to build a tree house. 

    To diversify activities that children can do in the school outdoor sapce we upgraded the tree house with useful equipment for gymnastics. We added climbing rope, stairs on the rope, gymnastic circles.

    When we were upgrading we had an idea that it will be more useful for school age children, but looks like pre-schoolers are the ones using it more often.

    Chidren are enjoying this new activity space. They have opportunity on their own time to develop skills of balance, developing strenghts and movement. 

    They learn to cooperate as while one is using the equipment, next one needs to wait. They learn to follow the rules of safety. 

    We have used enviromentally concious materials that also provide safety. 

    Small changes to outdoor space can go a long way to in providing outdoor activities.