Kalina Malina, Sustainale relationships report

  • Sustainable relationships in Kalina Malina Kindergarten


    I. LOGO and CONCEPT “Educational standard for a successful start”

    In our country there is a state educational standard through which children successfully develop their potential and talents. One of the keys to developing children's potential is additional forms of pedagogical interaction. They help them to recreate their feelings, emotions, to recreate different characters, etc.


    II. Sustainable relationships with kids we create by different events with children through the school year.

    At the Kalina Malina kindergarten, events with children are also a sustainable connection through which they develop their abilities. Celebrated the beginning of every September 15(First School day) is a day associated with a festive atmosphere, music, balloons, dancing and happy children, which marks the beginning of the new school year.

    The process of growth, the child's adaptation to the social world is always associated with psychological problems and difficulties. Art therapy is the most favorable method for preparing children for age crises and overcoming their consequences. An activity that the children carried out together with their parents was to make carnival costumes and dolls through waste materials.


    We organize different Art meetings with parents and together they make fantastic work on every topic for The Family’s Day.

    With smiling faces and shining eyes, all the children from the kindergarten are preparing a musical greeting, with which they are waiting for their gifts from Santa Claus. We also prepare a musical fairy tale as a Christmas greeting to parents.


    The parent-child-teacher relationship also showed up at the Charity Christmas Bazaar. All together they got involved in making a souvenir for the bazaar.

    The celebration of the first of March is associated with the visit of Baba Marta in the kindergarten and the gift of martenitsas - a symbol of health.

    March 3 is a national holiday of the country and the children celebrate it with a competition in which they show how much they know about their homeland.We make competition “I love Bulgaria” where the kids learn about the national spirit, heroes and traditions.


    Mother's Day is a day when children show their love through songs, poems and theatrical performances.They prepare special gift for the best person – Mum.

    The sustainable parent-child-teacher relationship can also be seen in the organization of the Easter Charity Bazaar, which is always held on Holy Thursday.

    May 24 - Day of Slavic writing, as well as a national holiday of the country. Children and teachers celebrate the holiday with a solemn procession.

    June 1 - International Children's Day! In the kindergarten the holiday is celebrated with a lot of music, games and dances in which the children are the main participants.


    III. Children and work on internal projects

    Kindergarten "Kalina Malina" works together with parents and children on four internal projects:

    - "The child in the world of art"

    - "Health is the most valuable wealth"

    - "I'm good, you're good"

    - "Green future for my kindergarten"

    By working on projects, children have the opportunity to enrich their knowledge and skills in various areas of life.


    IV. Children and Additional Pedagogical Services Through them, children develop their key competencies, social skills, skills for making connections and friendships, responsible decision-making, self-knowledge and confidence. Additional pedagogical servicies in  "Kalina Malina" are: folk dances; sports dances; English and football.


    V. The final result of mastering folk and sports dances the children show in an annual concert-performance.

    The children continue their independence and growth in their inclusion in the winter and summer mountain camp in Yundola area.

    Children willingly join day trips around the country. - Koprivshtitsa, visiting the "Bread House" - "Aviation Museum" - Krumovo, Plovdiv - Chocolate Factory "Gayo" - Plovdiv.

    Sustainable relationships with parents are also built through parent meetings in the kindergarten. Through them, parents receive information about the educational requirements for their children, about how they can help them, how they will be involved in the educational process and events and etc. The parents are our partners in the whole school year - in all events with kids, we have different tasks for home work  with kids together, we organize unformal meetings with the families in close parks or in the near forest area.


    VI. Staff - Informal events

    The team of kindergarten "Kalina Malina" celebrates personal and professional holidays, participates in trips around the country and relaxes through our beautiful nature. He also takes part in competitions related to Bulgarian folklore and traditions.


    VII. Local community

    The children visit Regional Fire safety service, the Historical Museum - Pazardzhik, Art Gallery, Drama and Puppet Theater "K. Velichkov ”, Regional Police Department, Regional Library“ N. Furnadzhiev ”, Primary school“ N. Furnadzhiev ".

    The purposeful joint activity between the kindergarten and the family provides a unified approach in the discovery of the world around the child and constant mutual information about the overall development of the child, about his interests, needs and behavior.