• Sustainable relationships in San Roc


    In March of 2020 everything changed globally. More precisely, in our country, Spain, the schools reminded close from march to June due to COVID-19. It was a world pandemic, and at the beginning we didn´t know the right way of things, but with everyone support (Government, Schools, families, etc) we moved forward until we were open again in September 2020.

    What we did in those months wasn´t prepare at all, we were trying to help the families and the students every day in the way we know, teaching them and supporting them. We taught for the first time online, and that means we had to create a lot of new content and think outside the box.

    September 2020, we opened the schools again and there was the real challenge due to the security measures, the infections between the students and mainly the teachers, having more stuff turnover than ever.

    For of all these reasons we decided to postpone some activities, and obviously the travel we had planned for last year.

    At this moment, our country has the pandemic controlled, but we are keeping the security measures like the mask, social distance, open windows, etc, because you never know when the numbers are going to get worse.

    Next, we are going to explain how we work the sustainable relationship

    In our school we promote very important and different values like, everybody is important, we accept the other no matter what, we respect the nature by using sustainable resources and all of this is written in the ideology of the school and obviously it is on the curriculum.

    How do we build sustainable relationships among teachers and school staff members?

    By doing trimestral meetings, not using silver paper and using reusable bottles, cutlery and containers.

    And what about the children? How do we build sustainable relationships among them?

    Thursdays is the fruit day (nowadays we are doing a competition to promote fruit consumption). Also, we work in different projects in sciences (water, recycling…). In addition, they don´t use aluminium paper for the snacks and they offer volunteer to help in the school garden every day.


    But, how the parents of our students help building sustainable relationships?

    We have three different general meetings for the parents of each class and an individual one.

    How do we build sustainable relationships with the local community?

    We work with the local community in the VITA project requested from the city council. In addition, opposite the school is the the local market and we do a lot of projects with them (local consumption, seasonal fruits and vegetables…). And also, we collect compost for the city council too.


    We plan different activities, but with COVID-19 we postponed some of them because of the security measures.

    The activities are back to natures, exhibitions, ask for a green space and orchard (paralyzed by covid).


    We also plan some events for parents every year like; fides, sobaquillo dinner (recycling), Christmas workshops, Moors and Christians Parade, Nativity Scene and Recycled Material Workshop.