Reflections from Swedish team

    • Reflections of the 4th LTT - virtual meetings in May 2021 by Swedish team.

      Benefits of meeting:
      We are more used to virtual meetings now. Thanks to all team building activies and group room discussions it feels like we know each other in the project more.

      We learned some new digital tools to use in our own schools, that would work borh for classroom and virtual education. 

    • Shared examples of good practice:
      We liked to learn the new digital tools.
      We always like learning about other school systems and to learn to know partner schools better, this time it was Spain and their school.
      It was interesting to hear all presentations about waste management practises from partner schools and we got many new ideas. 


      What could be done better:
      Sometimes the Internet connection failed so it was hard for partners to share films or other material. Sometimes there were some echoes or disturbing background noise or low volume from persons so it was hard to hear.  
      People are shy to talk when all are present, it seems easier in group rooms, maybe we can all try a bit harder to contribute also in the main room. 


      New ideas, new knowledge:
      As said before, we really liked that we got to try new digital tools.
      We also got input about how to work with waste management next time.
      We liked the idea of changing our mindsets from "what material do we need" to "what can we make from the material we have", a way of reducing our footprints.

      It is always interesting to talk about the covid situation in our countries and how different we tackle it at our schools.