Sustainable toys/materials Slovenia




    We organised a combined in person/online workshop with our project theme where we discussed sustainable substitutions for toys and art materials. We came up with these solutions. We will implement it in our classes.


    We also created criteria for future procurement of toys and materials that we will present to our school government. We also talked about what we really need in our school work and what we can do without. These are the criteria:

    Because of Covid-19 situation we cannot organize school Christmas bazaar this year, so we found a solution. On December 14 we did a toy exchange day in all kindergarten classes. Each group chose a book and a toy in their classroom. They wrapped it up and added a letter to another class. This helped us to rotate the toys around the units and classes. Children were trilled to get gifts and didn’t at all mind that they were already used.




    There is a list of activities that children did and some photographs:

    1. Making puppets and instruments from waste and natural materials

    2. Making fish skeleton models from wire and wool

    3. Art from waste and  natural materials for decorating hallways

    4. Playing with natural/waste materials

    5. Structured activities with waste and natural materials

    6. Celebrating birthdays with box of loose parts

    7. Using everyday objects as toys

    8. Using clay, dough, oobleck instead of play doh

    9. Multiple usage of the same material