Preili Free school -sustainable relationships meeting

  • Sustainable relationships for Preiļi Free school in the first place is about and with parents, who are one of core stakeholders of our school. As we are school that is founded by parents, it is important to keep the information, to create shared space for experience, to listen and to act if there is any help or support needed. 

    Covid-19 has influenced education and our everyday lives though and through. Sometimes we feel that we still have no idea to grasp the impact is has made. As in the project "Little footprints makes low carbon footprint behind", our topic was sustainable relationships, we did focus on realtionships school has with parents. 

    During the 10 weeks of distance learning, we met online with the parents of Preili Free School every Friday at 19:00.

    These were parents' meetings, a time when we shared experiences and provided support for each other, cultivating these sustainable relatioships. 

    We had one ambitious idea! A party for parents online. And we managed, we had more than 55 participants, with songs, tricks, conversations and a glass of wine. 

    We celebrated the parents' contribution to the implementation of distance learning and the beginning of the summer, we thanked each other. 

    When school is more than a place for children to study, when the school environment is a small world where you can always ask for help if the piano needs to be relocated.

    So much and at the same time so simple. May 29 and this picture says a lot. We met online for a party, probably (and hopefully) this was the first and last time online, we are missing a garden party in the school yard!