Reflections from Swedish team

  • Reflections of the 3rd LTT - virtual meetings in Nov/Dec 2020 by Swedish team.

    Benefits of meeting:
    We were surprised how well the virtual conference worked. It was great to be able to make group rooms for discussions/sharing in smaller groups.

    The social activities to get to know each other also worked better than expected and was great to try out in this group so we are prepared to do it in other constellations if needed.


    Shared examples of good practice:
    It was interesting to hear all presentations from partner schools and we had many ideas, such as giving students with low status important missions to help them rise. 


    What could be done better:
    We think that sustainable relationships was a hard theme to run during covid times but maybe not so hard to talk about during a virtual LTT even if we thought so but we of course missed meeting in person and all the extra dimension that brings. However, we think we fell closer to each other than we did before the LTT. 


    New ideas, new knowledge:
    We really liked that we got to try many digital tools such as jamboard, mentimeter, kahoot etc. 

    We all got better at using zoom as an application, like how we can see al participants, change our names etc. Useful!

    Another thing that was interesting was how the covid situation is in all countries and how they tackle it. We have told our pupils about your situations at one of our monthly meetings.