Reports on waste management practices (P8 activity)

  • Waste management

    Schools produce large amounts of waste, so it is important to be aware of waste management processes and measures from its creation to its disposal. School waste can be managed by separating, reducing, reusing, recycling, and composting. Students learn this best by doing it as part of the school routine.



    1. A successful waste management strategy means that less trash ends up in landfills.
    2. Waste management has great potential to turn problems into solutions.
    3. Involving students and school staff in the process will help them be conscious consumers.



    • Does your school have an effective waste management strategy?
    • Are you teaching your students to be aware of the environmental crisis?
    • What else can you do in your classroom to reduce waste?


    There are different laws and regulations of how waste is managed across the EU, and there are also different practices schools implement. In the reports you can see how waste is managed in our partner countries.