Vrtec Vrhnika, Slovenia: Sustainable relationships activities

  • 1. LIttle Footprints exposition for parents and local community

    Due to COVID-19 situation we could't do any physical events for local community and parents. So we decided to create an exposition that will travel through all our kindergaten units, local library, cultural center, waste managment facility, nursing home and will be set in local park if the weather allows it. As epidemy was declared once again at the end of October we will wait until circumstances allow that this type of event can be performed.

    We started creating exposition in the kindergarten, but continued it each in their own home, as kindergartens and all other institutions are closed for time being. We are mindful of being environmentally friendly so we used mostly waste, natural, scrap and recycled materials. ​​​​​​​



    2. Building sustainable relationships with children

    In October we dedicated one week to buliding relationships among children in a group and with teachers. Each day of the week we did tea parties where we discussed one theme each time. We talked about feelings, friendship building, conflict solving, making group decisions and setting classroom rules. Children were encouraged to participate in the debate, state their ideas and opinions. Somethines we read stories for motivation and starting point of the debate. We baked cookies and made tea ourselves. Children also recreated the activitiy in their play. 


    3. Distance collaboration with the parents 

    In some groups teachers decided to give the parents and children different challanges they can do at home. Challanges involved natural and waste materials and were made to promote unstructured play, spending quality time together and connecting home and kindergarten environment. Here are some photos from parents.