The main goal of the Bulgarian education policy is equal access to quality education for every child, which is possible through the integration of a system of measures aimed, on the one hand, at increasing the quality of the educational process, and on the other - at a more complete coverage of children and students of compulsory preschool and school age in kindergartens and schools. Part of these measures are the national programs developed at the institutional level and effectively implemented in the system of public education, which also includes the National Program for supporting the nutrition of children from preparatory groups in kindergartens, children from preparatory classes at school and students from I to IV class. The national program is implemented throughout the country. The object of the program is the children covered in the state and municipal schools and kindergartens, from the following priority groups: - 6-year-old children in preparatory groups and classes in kindergartens and schools and students from I to IV grades inclusive - to support nutrition.


    According to this program, a contract is concluded with a company for a period of one calendar year. This company provides snacks, milk, tea and fruit to the children in the preparatory groups of the kindergartens, as well as supports the midday meal and provides snacks, milk, tea and fruit for the students of the preparatory classes and from I - IV classes in the state and municipal schools, where all-day training is organized and/or canteens are available.

    The supplied food products are in accordance with the requirements of the HACCP system.

    HACCP is an abbreviation of Hazard Analysis ans Critical Control Point, which translates as "Hazard Analysis and Control of Critical Points". Critical points are points in the technological cycle of food, in which biological, chemical and physical hazards are likely to appear, which will have a negative impact on food and the human body.


    Codex Alimentarius publications containing recommendations concerning food safety that are incorporated into the legislation of EU member states. The scope of application of HACCP systems covers the entire food chain - from primary production (of fruits, vegetables, animals and others for human consumption), through production, transportation, storage, distribution, trade, packaging and repackaging, serving, to the final consumption of food from man.


    Healthy eating is an element of a healthy lifestyle. Complete nutrition provides all the necessary nutrients in sufficient quantities and contributes to the proper development and maintenance of body functions. An important condition for complete nutrition is the variety of foods, since there is no food product or food group that contains all the necessary nutrients.


    The nutrition of children from 3 to 7 years of age is also supported by the "Agriculture" fund under two schemes: "School fruit" and "School milk".

    The "School milk" scheme includes dairy products - yogurt, fresh milk, cheese.

    The "School fruit" scheme includes fruits and vegetables from Bulgarian producers, including organic products.

    The contract with the Supplier company is for the academic year / 15.09 – 31.05/

    Kindergarten children are fed through a specially prepared collection of recipes for healthy eating for children aged 3 to 7 years, which reflects modern requirements for a full and healthy diet. It is based on the new physiological norms for nutrition.


    The collection of recipes for children from 3 to 7 years of age applies to their organized meals in municipal, state and private kindergartens and in schools for children in preparatory groups. The collection of recipes applies when the food is prepared on site in the children's facilities and schools where it is provided on a catering basis.

    The collection includes 430 diverse modern recipes, as well as traditional ones for the Bulgarian eating model, with a wide range of recommended foods available on the market. A calculated chemical composition is attached to each recipe, which makes it possible to plan and control the intake of energy and nutrients by children.

    The guide for healthy eating for children from 3 to 7 years of age and the recipes were developed by nutrition and dietetics specialists Prof. Dr. Stefka Petrova, Assoc. Dr. Lalka Rangelova, Prof. Dr. Veselka Duleva, Prof. Dr. r Donka Baikova and food technology engineer Mariana Kurtisheva.


    The recipe book and guide have been peer-reviewed and highly praised by the Scientific Board of the National Center for Public Health and Analysis and approved by the Ministry of Health for the implementation of modern health principles in organized nutrition at this age.

    According to Ordinance No. 6 on healthy nutrition for children aged 3-7 and Ordinance No. 9 on the specific requirements for the safety and quality of food offered in kindergartens.

    The delivered food products must be in accordance with the requirements of the HACCP system and must meet the legally defined industry norms.