• At Furuhällsskolan we have a large schoolyard without fences. It is bordering some forest parts, a large football yard, houses etc. We use parts of the forest as our school yard because the students love to be there. 

    We decided not to create a new outdoor space in the forest but to finally improve an area with windshields where the students love to spend their breaks and that we use during lessons and after school hours by the leisure centres. 

    It is not always easy for us to get help from outside the school but this time we were thinking zero waste so we contacted a local hardware store and asked if they had any building material they could not sell to give away and they did! We got it for free and then we asked our municipality if they could help with builders and we got help from them too. They spent a day repairing the windshields and also brought new logs that came from fallen trees or trees they by different reasons had to take down and used them to build an area where we can gather the kids for lessons or to make a fire and maybe cook food. 

    Because of this cooperation with a local hardware store and the workers in the municipality this project also involved sustainable relationships. 

    The photos are before and after the renovation:

    The walkway over a small stream

    One of the windshields:

    The windshields and the gathering area got updated: