Sweden solving Slovenia's problem

  • Saving paper towels​

    Slovenia got a problem with children using far too many paper towels. They take more than they need and it is a waste. Sweden came up with these suggestions to solve this problem:

    • Make a math challenge for older kids: how many papers do we save if everyone take 3 instead of 4? In a day, a week, etc. ​

    • Start from the beginning: how do you make paper towels? Where do they come from? The process of making them. Make is visual, maybe find a film that shows how. Make your own paper to see how it works. Highlight that it is a process to make paper.  ​

    • Put a box where they throw all paper towels, how much does it fill up? Can we make the pile smaller?  ​

    • EVERYBODY focus on reducing the quantity of towels for a week. Make a real change!  ​

    • What happens with the towels after throwing them away? Are they recycled? Are they  OK to put in the compost ? ​

    • The cost: how many footballs can we buy for the cost of the extra towels they use?  ​

    • What can we buy with the money we can save?​

    • Put up a poster on the wall next to the paper towels that reminds the children about not wasting paper towels.