Waste management at Furuhällsskolan, Sweden

  • Waste management practises at Furuhällsskolan, Sweden

    Recycling​ in the classrooms​:

    The containers varies a bit between the classrooms but we collect and recycle: plastic, metal, glass, food, cardboard and paper.

    Recycling in the staff's room​

    We have a recycling station in the staff's kitchen as well. For a while we did not take care of food but we are doing it since a while now. ​

    At the school restaurant​

    All pupils get free school lunch and are not allowed to bring their own. Nowadays they are often served food by the kitchen staff but can serve themselves at the salad section. ​

    All left over food is put in a container and is becoming biogas. ​

    Our recycling station​

    On the parking lot we have got a recycling station where we empty all our small recycling containers. There are more recycling options inside than in the classrooms, for example we can put batteries there.