Reflection from Slovenian team

  • Reflection of the 5th virtual meeting in November 2021 on Sustainable toys&materials


    Benefits of the meeting:

    When planning this meeting was the first time, we did some closer work with Bulgarian team. They did a good job with ideas for workshops and planning of the conference. Also they prepared really good video of their school and school activities which made us almost feel that we were there.

    In the workshops we practice on working in groups and also shared some funny moments. Designing virtual meetings challenged us again to create new workshops and use new online tools with presentations which is not something we do on everyday basis.


    Shared examples of good practice:

    We really liked snail races from Latvian team, otherwise we did not get that many new ideas, but we really liked ideas for activities using waste/unstructured materials.


    What could be done better:

    Language barrier was more noticeable this time, which was a shame as we couldn’t hear ideas and opinions of some participants. That created some mix ups in breakout rooms also, as we needed to be careful how to divided participants. Again, conversation in main room was not really flowing.


    New ideas, new knowledge:

    We learned a lot about Bulgarian school and their school system, gathered some really good ideas for sustainable lessons and were successful with setting dates for physical mobilities. It was also really nice to see and talk to each other.