Sustainable food activities (P15, P16, P17, P18)

  • Sustainable eating is about choosing foods that are good for our environment and our bodies. In addition to a sustainable diet, how food is produced, distributed, packaged and consumed is important. A big part of a sustainable food system is reducing food waste. Although there are differences in the provision of school meals across Europe, meals consumed at school are an important part of children's diets.



    1. Sustainable food is environmentally responsible, fair and accessible, local, healthy, and not wasted.
    2. Teaching children how to grow their own food can have a huge impact on their future.


    - Do you know what types of meals your school provides for students and school staff?

    - Are there strategies in place to reduce food waste?

    - Is there a place in your school where you could teach students to grow their own food?


    For this project theme we did different activities with at our schools, including:

    - building school garden at every scool

    - making a seed bank

    - visiting local supplier of produce/Ingredients for school kitchen

    - cooking vegetables we produced with students

    and many more you can find in subpages!