Furuhällsskolan outdoor schoolyard

  • At Furuhällsskolan we got stuck when it came to creating/upgrading a space for the students in our schoolyard. This is because the schoolyard was remaked very recently and we have a very diverse schoolyard where the students can play in different landscapes etc. We were thinking we need somewhere they can find shelter under a roof when it is raining but we just did not have the roesources to make it now and we heard a rumour this might happen in a not so far future. So what should we do? The students and the weather solved this problem!

    You know how kids love to play with mud and water? We decided to just let them. Because of lots of rain and too little sun the ground was muddy, well not even muddy, it was soaked with water in some places. In a little area, by the large football yard and in a walkway crossroad, there is a sewer where rainwater should flow down. This particular sewer is blocked so the water just gathers in a big puddle. Our pupils started to lead the water from down the football yard, down towards the puddle, then dug a little stream to let the water run all the way down towards the freestanding schoolhouse that class 3 uses. 


    The blocked sewer, now flooded with the water our students lead down from around the football yard:


    Our first reaction was to stop them, but then we thought "No, let the students play with unstructured materials in the schoolyard, let them use their fantasy and let's ignore what that will do to a blocked sewer and the large puddle that forms outside class 3". 


    This is what it looks like from a little distance, water going down towards the yellow school house:

    And down the water goes:

    Further on:

    Great fun making these little streams:


    There was actually a large truck visiting this flooded area two days in a row, looking at the blocked sewer and realised they will have to wait for other things that will be built in the area until they start taking care of this flooded sewer, so our students will probably continue to have fun with the water, the streams they created and the puddles they make some more time.


    Update: Some workers were here filling up the muddy, streamy parts of the ground but I guess our students can find out some fun to do with the stones if they need to.