Col·legi Sant Roc, Spain

  • At the Col•legi Sant Roc the school day starts at 9am and ends at 12:30pm, then there is a break until 3pm, and school activity resumes from 3pm to 5pm. That is why there is no meal included. There are some students who eat lunch in the school canteen, while other children do it at home.

    Organization of school kitchen

    The food is prepared in the kitchen of the center with km 0 and local products. It is managed by an external company that is responsible for hiring: a cook and two assistants, a nutritionist to supervise the menus and 15 monitors.

    The food is prepared in the kitchen and then served by the cook in the school dining room, the same place where the students eat.

    Laws and guidelines

    European regulation 852 of the 2004.

    RD 3484/2000 and 17/2011 Regulation of schools canteens.

    What kind of meals? Starters: vegetables. Main course: protein. Desert: fruit. Mostly: Traditional food, mediterranean diet and balances diet.

    New regulation in Comunidad Valenciana 84/2018. At least 15% of ecological food (next year 20% and the other one 25%) and 50% of local food (80% in 3 years).

    Add sugar in menus is totally forbidden.

    Percentage of local and organic foods

    Currently, a new regulation has been established in which this school year the food must be organic by 20%, and the next academic year 2023-2024 by 25%.

    Regarding local food, within the next three years it should reach 80%.


    The menus are prepared by a nutritionist and are adapted to the allergies, intolerances and beliefs of each family (Muslims, vegetarians, etc.). Parents are informed of all the food that their children are going to eat and can consult the menu on the center's website.

    It is not allowed to add sugar to any food as well as avoid fried foods. It is also not recommended to use ultra-processed foods.