First project meeting in Slovenia (C1 activity)

  • This was our first project meeting so we were focused on team building activities and ice-breaking activities. Our goal was to connect with each other and create trusting, creative and relaxed working environment. We worked in small groups, pairs and as a whole team.


    We had workshop on different subjects. We went through project plan and discussed different aspects of it.


    We introduced Vrtec Vrhnika and Slovenian public preschool system. Participants visited different locations of preschool units, playgrounds and other school grounds, school kitchen and garden.


    Meeting involved job-shadowing in different age group where participants were  able to observe sustainability practices such as using washable diapers, composting, taking care of chickens, playing with natural materials etc. 


    For more follow on 


    Team picture after working on group culture agreement. 


    Work in process to get to know each other. 


    This meeting was jpined by head-masters of schools in Slovenia, Sweden and Bulgaria.


    Place where chickens live. 


    Permaculture garden in Vrtec Vrhnika kindergarten. 


    Way how to follow on week and activities that have been accomplished. 


    Picture of school outdoor play space.


    Presentation time. 


    Job shadowing and smiling all around it. 


    Happy reflection.