Reflections from Spain


    Reflections of the 3rd LTT - virtual meetings in Nov/Dec 2020 by Spanish team



    One of the most important and relevant benefits is the capacity of sharing experiences, ideas, points of view, problems and solutions in the group rooms. In addition, thanks to the icebreaker activities all of the members could express ourselves and to be comfortable sharing our reality at school.


    Good practice:

    Thanks to all the presentations, we could see different realities and activities that, maybe, we couldn’t appreciate in our school. They let us open our mind to new objectives with students and also families.

    Also, we consider essential to communicate our problems with other teams and to receive feedback from them with different solutions or points of view.


    What could be done better:

    We consider it is not necessary to say that virtual LTT are not the same like a personal meeting. Spend three hours in our seats is very hard and also, it doesn’t let us interact with other teams. We consider that more icebreaker activities or funny workshops can help us to encourage the virtual meetings. 



    In spite of considering the virtual meeting as a very heavy way to share information; we honestly think that they are a potential way to share digital tools. They can be useful in our daily routine with students and also, we can share them with the rest of our school members.