Furuhäll school - Sweden, report on how covid affected us.

  • Swedish primary schools stayed open during the covid-19 pandemic but of course with changes, adaptions to the situation and with a harder situation for the staff. For example we tried to minimize physical meetings with parents and did not allow people outside the organization to visit us. During spring 2020 we had to prepare for digital education if schools had to close (but they have not so far for our age groups) and it took lots of time and was stressful to do while teaching as usual. 

    Due to the pandemic there were special regulations about how to stay home in case of symtoms. This also affected the work situaion because even if staff members did not have covid (testings were not taken place at a large scale during spring 2020 but took off in autumn 2020) they had to stay home until no symtoms were shown and 2 extra days. When staff members were home sick the workload was heavier for the ones at school. 

    Because all these reasons we decided to put the project on pause and did not do a lot of the planned activities etc during the spring. 

    When school started after the summer break we reminded of the sustainable relationships activities and started to include activities again. After the coordinators' digital meeting we tried to intensify the activities a bit. It is sad to say that the closer to the LTT meeting in Nov/Dec the more restrictions we had due to a fast increasing covid situation in Sweden. 

    The workload since covid-19 started has been heavy on the staff and some teachers worries about getting infected at work. So far we have had cases of covid-19 both among staff, pupils and their family members (family quarantine) but so far not big outbreaks. 

    We do not allow parents to go inside the school and this was particullary hard on the new 6-year old pupils when they started our school in August, not to bring their parents all the way in to feel their comfort. Most parent-teacher meetings have been digital and we try to publish information about all lessons digital for absent pupils in class 4-5 so they can try to work at home. Sometimes we have also had them connecting by Teams so they can join the lessons but it is hard to teach at school and virtual at the same time. 

    Most of our activities when we invite parents have been cancelled but some of them have been able to take place outdoors and some were filmed so they can watch from home. 

    We can't do any study visits either nor have outside lectures visiting school, no theaters or the like. 

    We are not even allowed to mix classes so many of the things we usually do is put to a pause, like older pupils reading for younger. 

    We think that this sustainable relationship theme was particullary hard to do during covid-19 restrictions.