Kalina Malina, Bulgaria - report

  • Sustainable relationships during Covid time


    In Bulgaria we had twice a lockdown in 2020 due to Covid - the first time from March 13th to June 1st and now from November 28th to December 31st. During the pandemic, communication with parents changed completely, as they were not allowed to enter the kindergarten. We communicate with them entirely virtually in Facebook groups, where we also present the children's activities. Communication between children of different age groups has also changed, as we do not have the right to gather children and organize joint activities.


    When children come to the kindergarten in the morning, they use hand sanitizer and we have already built this as a habit when entering the group. Every morning, the head nurse measures the children's temperature before breakfast with a digital thermometer. The disinfection of the premises has been intensified, being treated 4 times a day.

    The main goal for us in the implementation of sustainable relations during the pandemic of COVID is to provide an appropriate physical, psychological and social environment for the development of the abilities and skills of each child in kindergarten; support for personal development of each child; building a positive organizational climate. This goal is achieved on several levels, using new and non-traditional methods and tools for kindergarten.


    1. Exchange of information and good practices between colleagues from each age group - is carried out through virtual meetings attended by colleagues from a given age group, specify the implementation of initiatives, exchange pedagogical resources, prepare the implementation of activities and initiatives in internal and international projects, create materials and prepare communication with parents.


    2. Additional pedagogical services - in the conditions of COVID are carried out in each group separately without mixing the children. The children's achievements are monitored by the parents in the Facebook groups or through virtual communication discussed and confirmed in each group with the parents.


    3. Work on projects - International project "Little footsteps" - all activities are carried out in groups, if necessary the participation of parents initiatives are did outside and with a limited number of parents, children, team and community organizations. Where possible, materials or production are presented virtually or through photographs.


    Internal projects in the kindergarten - part of the activities are carried out in groups, sent for evaluation to parents, tasks are set for joint activities in the family and the result is presented by the children in the kindergarten, activities carried out in the family are presented as video and photo material , some activities are carried out with a limited number of children and parents and a team.


    4. Health care - it is based on internal rules for organizing the activities in Kindergarten "Kalina Malina" in the conditions of COVID-19. They aim to: protect the health of children in a continuing pandemic situation by building a safe, secure, calm environment that guarantees not only the physical but also the mental health of children; maintaining a positive psycho climate, to reduce the factors of tension and stress.


    5. Using the opportunities of the Parents' Board and the Public Council in the kindergarten "Kalina Malina" to establish contact with all parents, to achieve fruitful sustainable relationships by providing access to teachers and students to a variety of electronic platforms and educational resources, awareness campaigns in social networks, website, mobile operators, organization of activities through the use of the Internet, advertising of kindergartens, initiatives and project activities, through the use of non-traditional methods in accordance with the COVID situation.


     We hope this situation will end soon and we can live our normal life.