Reflections from Sweden

    • Reflections of the Bulgarian virtual meetings by the Swedish team.

      Benefits of meeting:
      We are experts in virtual meetings now! We all miss real meetings but we do handle the situation well and as best as we can. 

      One of the main benefits of the meetings is always to get inspirations and ideas from the partner organisations. Thank you for sharing! 

    • Shared examples of good practice:
      We liked to learn more about the Bulgarian kindergarten, city and school system. None of us knew much about these things so it was very interesting.
      The Bulgarian team was very well prepared and had thorough presentations thorughout. 

      What could be done better:
      Because it is a virtual meeting there are always some technical flaws that could have worked better, like echoes or very low volume when someone talks.  
      The covid situation made it hard for people from some countries to sit together because of restrictions so sadly language barriers stopped some participants to contribute in group discussions etc. If they had been seated together they could have helped with translations. 

    • New ideas, new knowledge:
      It is always interesting to talk about the covid situation even if it was a bit scary this time because of the increasing numbers in our countries.  
      We did not learn new tools but we learned from our presentations and got ideas for our own school.