Reflection from Bulgarian team


    Reflection of the virtual meeting “ Sustainable relationships”



    For the first time the members of the team of Kindergarten "Kalina Malina" had the opportunity to participate in a virtual meeting on a project under the Erasmus + program. The meetings were well organized. We were very impressed by the exact distribution of time. All tasks were in accordance with the set topic. There were many interesting games to get to know all the participants, to have fun and to establish sustainable relationships. It was very interesting for us to share experiences and opinions in the different “rooms” in which we participated. We had the opportunity to tell specific things about Bulgaria and the way we work.


    Each country presented in an interesting way the sustainable relationships before and after Covid time. We were able to compare and find interesting ideas and good practices that are applicable in our kindergarten.


    Each participating country followed exactly the instructions of the organizers of the meetings and presented in its own way the activities of its educational institution, observing the regulated time. It was very interesting for us to get acquainted with the Swedish education system, which is very different from ours.


    Together, we have created a good definition of sustainable relationships as a result of our overall work during the meetings.


    New to us were the Canva and Jam board applications, the interesting questions in Kahoot. Very good technical support of the meetings with the help of Zoom.


    Special congratulations to the lecturer Lara and to Anja in connection with the overall organization of the meetings.


    The team of BG