Monday November 18th

  • (School subjects: English, eSafety, digital tools, mother tongue)

    Languages: English, Spanish, artistic, maths, body, mother tongue (logbook)

    Art path: art, singing.

    Future path: school in France

    Citizenship path: collaborative european team work, meeting Euro friends, diplomacy, democratic use of smartphones and photo taken.

    Health path: physical activity while visiting the school, balanced day, balanced food at the canteen.

    Authenticity path: personal use of smartphone and media, critical thinking, choosing, creativity.

    1. LTT in Corsica Monday 18th.docx


    WELCOME to the Collège du Fium'Orbu!


    Meeting in the hall. First school bus fare!

    8.30 to 12.00 = SEGPA RESTAURANT:  Welcome breakfast with the headmistress Mrs Teign- Comiti and the Second deputy Mrs Micheli.Mrs Carole Quilici had prepared a lovely breakfast.

    Visit of the school with Brigitte Collomb.

    1. The playground: 1st Group photo !

    The counsellor offices, the school canteen

    and the gymnasium:


    1. European team building :

    2. Writing workshop:  a convention for a mindful use of smartphones and social media throughout the project.

    The teams had a first brainstorming with Brigitte Collomb in the library, then we moved to the computer room and we watched videos on the TwinSpace and the students took notes in their notebook. 

    • Write a charter for an optimized use of our smartphones and social networks
    • Providing students knowledge and vocabulary about smartphones and social media and start making them aware of the dos and don’ts concerning them.
    • Write a charter for our whole project concerning the use of the smartphones and social media.
    • Have the students think about our dissemination plan and the possible use of smartphones during our project.



    13.30 to 15.30:

    Student visitors in inclusion ( 4D normal timetable)

    Teachers: peer teaching: using Madmagz + about our LTT magazine.

    15.30 to 16.30 LIBRARY: writing page in mother tongue on the logbook + what to share on our social media (Twinspace journal, Facebook page, …)                                                    


    OUR DAY VIDEO:    

    TWINBOARD ACTIVITY: Let's tweet! ( about 40 words)

    1. Choose your favourite photo of the day.
    2. Describe it in the past.
    3. Express your gratitude ( I am grateful for something / to + someone) Thanks...
    4. Exclamative sentence: How + adjective! / What a + nouns!
  • Social media training: add your favourite picture for this day and short constructive comment.

    Leandru , Corsica

    I love pancakes with Nutella . This morning, we had breakfast with the correspondents, we had a chat, learned what to do during the week.

    Clara, Corsica

    I met our correspondents, we got to know them, I realy liked!

    Orsu-Francescu corsica

    The first day of the project in Corsica and the beginning of a good week! We met other people of the project, we had presentations and we saw videos. It was cool!

    Laurent Corsica

    On Monday we made presentations by having breakfast then we sat at the amphitheater and we took photos then we answered questions at the library. To make the presentations then we went on etwinning.

    Pedro corsica

    I'm grateful for meeting the correspondents because they were nice and very polite. I enjoyed eating at the canteen because the meal wes very good, especially French fries! In the afternoon, we had the Italian lesson as usual.

    oceane .corsica

    We sat the college to exchange.

    Nathan, Corsica

    The first day, we got to know the other correspondents

    louka corsica

    On monday, we made correspondant visit the college:
    different classrooms, the canteen, the playground.

    maëlys, Corsica

    On Monday we visited the school, and then we had lunch.

    paola, corsica

    Monday was a really great day the correspondents seemed to be really nice it was really cool!!

    Chiara Corsica

    On Monday, we met all the correspondants! They were really nice and we laughed a lot because sometimes we didn't understand them.

    Aurélien, Corsica

    The corsican breakfast to meet the correspondants.


    We had lunch then showed the college to the correspondent, we made groups to get to know each other and put a nation in each group and worked together find a group name etc

    Sara, Spain

    the first day we all met at breakfast and after lunch we did activities in our international groups.

    flavie corsica

    On Monday we met all the students ! its was a good day

    Mia Lynch, Spain

    We all met up on the first day and got a tour of the school and then worked in international groups, mine was really awkward for almost the whole trip though. it was still a great day though!


    On Monday, we met our correspondents then we made them visit the college

    Pantelis, Greece

    This was our first day in Corsica. We met our hosts as well as the other participants of the project. The atmosphere was warm and happy.


    On Monday we went to the school and ate pancakes.We chatted with the other students and we had a good time.I am greatful for that beautiful time.What a fantastic day!

    Jessica, Germany

    On monday we met the other students and visited their School. We also had lunch at shcool and learned how to use the Internet.

    Fabia, Germany

    I´m looking forward for the meeting in march. The pictures look very interesting!

    Letizia, Germany

    This looks very interesting! I´m looking forward for the meeting in march.

    Sabine, Germany

    On Monday we met the other ones. It was really funny to communicate.


    I also want a swimming pool in our school
    this is really nice:)
    do you often du sports there?

    Magdalena, Germany

    All the Pictures look very interesting. I`m looking Forward for the Meeting in Garmisch.

    Theresa - Germany :))

    The school in Corsica is very nice!!!
    And the food looks very yummy!!!
    I want to have a swimming pool in our school, too!!!

    Amelie Schwab GERMANY

    I didn't go to Corsica but it looks so interesting. It would be so much fun to have a swimming-pool at school. The school is so big and very pretty. And the Food looks very good.

    Melissa - Germany

    It looks so yummy!
    When i am with my grandmother she always makes me pancakes for breakfast.

    What´s your favorite breakfast?

    Isabella, Germany

    Monday we visited the School and met everyone, it was a nice day, but everyone was so shy, unbelievable, if you think about the last day/evening.

    Sophie, Germany

    It Looks really delicious !
    Now i am hungry too ;)
    What is your fav Food ?
    Love Sophie

    Sophie, Germany

    Wow i also want a Swimming Pool in our School,
    it would be so nice i`d Love it
    Are you often in this Pool ?

    Sophie, Germany

    Your School Looks so nice and modern


    The Swimming pool looks very nice and you all look very happy

    Simone Germany

    Your School lokks very modern. I like it