Optimize your potential and well-being at home:


    • imagine a well-being and healthy lifestyle
    • help teens reach their full potential at school with a healthy lifestyle at home
    • hobbies, sports, art are also paramount
    • write a charter for our host families in collaboration with the teachers. 
    • fight bad habits and addictions


    1. read about healty lifestyle for teens and bad habits
    2. share useful links to internet pages
    3. suggest ideas in the Twinboard to optimize your well-being as a young teenager in your everyday life using: ( must / have to / should / could...)
    4. list bad habits ( mustn't / shouldn't...)


    Some of the students of the Greek team working....


  • Let's share strategies to be healthy and reach your full potential at home:

    Flavie, corsica

    morning :
    -You mustn't stay in the shower too long
    -you shouldn't stay too much in bed
    -You must make your bed

    Gabriel, Adrián, Rubis, Darius (Spain)

    You should help at home and do housechores.
    You have to do have to de the washing-up.
    You shouldn't waste electricity or water.
    You should feed your pet.

    Team Corsica

    Our parents could help us with our homework and then we must learn to work by ourself.
    We should always talk positively about school, school activities and teachers.
    You should always have a good night sleep of at least 9 hours.
    You must eat a balanced diet and have a good breakfast in the morning.
    You must brush your teeth and have regular showers.
    Never smoke, drink alcohol or take drugs.
    Don't play too much video games or don't watch too much TV.
    Read a good book before going to bed instead of playing on your phone.
    Practice soprt, cycle or walk to school if possible.
    Don't drink soda or eat to many sweets or junk food.
    Ask for help if someone bullies you.
    Have good moments at home with your family.
    Take some time to relax and do nothing.
    Spend time with your friends and enjoy real life.
    Look after your pet.

    Maria M., Greece

    1) You shouldn't waste too much water.
    2) You should help at home.
    3) You must make your room.

    George,Evi,Vasilis,Amalia,Stella,Aggelos Greece

    1. You should spend your free time with your parents.
    2.You should take care of yourself.
    3.You should help with the household chores.
    4.You should't do things that are inappropriate for your age.
    5.You should take care of your pets.
    6.You should eat healthy and sleep before midnight so your body gets back all the enegry lost.

  • Do you believe you can improve your marks if you optimize your lifestyle?
    Yes, I definitely think it could be a positive change.
    6 votes (85.71%)
    Yes, I think it could help a little.
    1 vote (14.29%)
    I am ready to try but I am not sure it will change my marks.
    0 votes (0%)
    No, thanks, I am happy like that!
    0 votes (0%)