Thursday November 21st

  • (School subjects: English, dance and sport, digital tools, music, biology, photography)

    Languages: English, artistic, body, mother tongue (logbook)

    Art path: photography, dancing.

    Future path: a park agent, a fisherman, dancer

    Citizenship path: collaborative european team work, ecology and environment, durable fishing practices.

    Health path: physical activity, balanced diet at the canteen, natural fishing.

    Authenticity path: critical thinking, choosing, creativity.

    Photo genres: sport and action, group, landscape, wildlife, portrait, daily life, selfie.


    8.30 to 12.00GYM or LANGUAGE LAB choreography workshop patchwork of music and European dances.

    All the 42 students and visitor teachers + Brigitte Collomb (coordinator) and Coraline Gisselaire dance teacher.

    1. warm up on the dojo and body percussion.

    2. Boy/ girl pairs formed to dance:

    3. Let's learn and perform some German traditional moves with German students and Christiane Eichel :

    4. Let's learn and perform some Greek traditional moves from the typical sertaki with some Greek students and Marianthi Platsi the Greek PE teacher and headmistress:


    5. Let's learn and perform some Spanish traditional moves from the typical Flamenco with Spanish students and Pepa Soler the maths teacher:


    6. Let's learn and perform some Corsican traditional moves from the typical  Corsican "quadrille" with some French students and Coraline Gisselaire:


    OUR FINAL VIDEO of the morning:

    OUR 4 Dances (without warm up + training time)

    13: 00: Outing to the pond of Palu.

    Welcome by park agent Marc Sinibaldi and two other agents from the Regional and Natural Park of Corsica.

    1. Bird watching workshop. (2 groups)

    We are lucky, there are lots of birds species which have just achieved their migratory flight to Corsican ponds. .

    The park agents told us about the birds  we could observe with our telescope and binoculars, the fish living in the pond and coming in from the sea and the fishing activity on the pond.

    We saw a grey heron, aigtrettes, osprey, different species of ducks, cormorants, white swans, flamingoes....


    And the flamingos:

    2. Encounter with a fisherman.   Julien Cugurno

    Back to college at 16.30 

    LIBRARY:  writing page + what to share on our social media (Twinspace journal, Facebook page, …)   




    TWINBOARD ACTIVITY: Let's tweet! ( about 40 words)

    1. Choose your favourite photo of the day.
    2. Describe it in the past.
    3. Express your gratitude ( I am grateful for something / to + someone) Thanks...
    4. Exclamative sentence: How + adjective! / What a + nouns!


  • Social media training: add your favourite picture for this day and short constructive comment.

    Chiara, Corsica

    On Thursday, in the morning we did dance from Greece, Germany, Spain and Corsica. In the afternoon we went to the Palu pond and we saw flamingos.

    Clara, Corsica

    We went to the Palu of pond to observe emblematic animals of Corsica. It's beautiful, I liked!

    Flavie corsica

    We walked around Palu pond to see a lot of birds.


    we went dancing the traditional dances of countries
    and the Corsican dance.
    and we ate and went to the pond of Palu, we saw a lot a birds of different species with binoculars and telescope; we returned to the bus and back to school

    Leandru , Corsica

    Flamingos at the palu pond

    Orsu-Francescu, Corsica

    The afternoon when we saw birds in the Palu Pond. I love Corsican birds and I hope that the correspondants too!

    pedro corsica

    I enjoyed going to the pond of Palu to observe the birds : A special guide showed us the secret places for the birds . We met the pond owner: He was an old man with many cats. He was very nice with us.

    Laurent Corsica

    On Thursday we visited the pond of Palu where we separated into two groups we had, we observed several breeds of birds and we discussed with professionals of the ponds all afternoon

    Maëlys, Corsica

    On Thursday we did the traditional dances. In the afternoon we went to see animals

    On Thursday we did some dancing and after we went to the pond of Palu.

    Louka corsica

    The visit to the pond of Palu was really very instructive:
    we learned a lot about the flora and the fauna, and it was a very beautiful lanscape to observe.

    Yanis, Corsica

    On Thursday we were at the pond of palu. we continued the walk then we separated in two groups to better make the visit with the correspondent then we went to the library for our writing page.

    Aurélien, Corsica

    After the dance activity, we went to the pond of Palu to see the flamingoes and the other sea birds.


    On Thursday morning we danced in the gymnasium then in the afternoon we went to the pond of Palu

    Sara, Spain

    I enjoyed this day too. In the morning we practiced the different dances of each country (we taught la sevillana) and in the afternoon we went to the Palu pond where we watched the fauna of the area.

    paola, corsica

    The day of Thursday was rather calm; we visited the pond of Palu we saw beautiful landscapes and birds and visited the fisherman; this day was really pleasant.


    It was a very interesting day.We danced and then we visited the ''palu" lake and saw so many birds,especially flamingos.Thanks to Marc Sinibaldi and his colleagues we learnt so much.How wonderful!!!

    Rubis, Spain

    In the morning we practiced the different dances of each country and in the afternoon we went to the ''Palu'' pond where we watched the fauna of the area and saw a lot of beautiful birds.

    Mia Lynch, Spain

    Thursday was an amazing day. I had a ton of fun dancing in front of everyone (including my now ex crush, he still didnt notice me though). A nice little funny story though is that while a girl was singing I managed to rip a massive hole in my leggins so thanks to Sara I managed to dance to DDU DDU DU by Blackpink. We then ate and went bird spotting which was alright, except for when the group I wasnt in got back after going spotting after us one of my friends found out good news that has something to do with stuff that happened the day we went to the castle and that lowkey made me sad and then when i got home I vented to my BFF j.amelie_1997 on Instagram. It was still an awesome day though

    Maria M. Greece

    On Thursday after we danced,we went to a lake where we saw many birds and flamingos.It was a very nice place:)Thanks for all.

    Aggeliki Kiriakou Greece

    So I really enjoyed Thursday.It was my favourite day.We started our day by dancing dances from defferent countries and then we went to this lake where we saw flamingos,swans and other very interesting birds.What a beautiful day!

    Theodora, Greece

    Thursday was my favourite day we had a lot of fun with dancing and then we went on a wonderful lake with a lot of birds like flamingos it was absolutely great!


    on thursday,after we learned local dances from corsica,spain,germany and greece we went on a lake called Palu. It was lovely! We saw many different bird species and flamingos! It was wonderful!


    On Thursday we had so much fun.At the beginning of the day we learned and taught traditional dances of its country and then we visited a very beautiful lake where we observed the fauna and the flora of the area...

    Pantelis, Greece

    Our fourth day in Corsica was really fun. We started our day trying traditional dances of each country. We had a great time trying to reproduce them. I think we tottaly failed! After lunch, we visited a lake near the school where we spent our afternoon learning about the birds that live in this place. Definitely one of my favourite places!

    Fabia, Germany

    The pictures from the birds look interesting!

    Magdalena, Germany

    The birds lokk very cuteand interesting. The nature is very nice.

    Letizia, Germany

    The pictures from the birds look interesting!

    Sabine, Germany

    On Thursday we learned the other Dances from Germany, Corsica, Spain and Greece. That was really funny when we couldn´t Dance it by the right way. And in the afternoon we go to the palu.

    Amelie Schwab GERMANY

    hahaha it looks so funny. You propably had so much fun at it. :')

    Isabella, Germany

    Thursday was fun, we danced and watched birds, All in all, just fun

    Lucia, Germany

    The photos from the nature are looking very nice !

    Jessica, Germany

    On Thursday, in the morning we did dance from Greece, Germany, Spain and Corsica. In the afternoon we went to a national park for birds and we saw Flamingos and ducks. There also was a fisher, he was very Kind. It was a great day.