A netiquette for the twinspace:


    • the students think in teams about our twinspace netiquette
    • they get aware of the fact that we must follow common rules


    • think a netiquette with what we have to do / must do 
    • don't forget about what we mustn't do
    • share your ideas on the Twinboard so that we can write a Charter for all of us.


    Here are some clues I gave the Corsican students:

    Team Corsica :

  • Share your do's and dont's with complete sentences:

    Jean Baptiste, Quentin, Louis Maëlys et Océane. Corsica, france

    We can send messages
    we can exchange letters
    We have to respect everybody
    Don t take photos and videos for personal use.
    You must do your activities on the ts on time
    Follow the copyright rules

    Vasilis Kontaridis Greece

    · Respect other people

    · Verify facts before making a decision

    · Check messages and respond promptly

    · Name-call or express offensive opinions

    · Post private or embarrassing images or comments

    · Exclude people or talk behind their backs

    Mercedes and Ana (Spain)

    -You should collaborate
    -You should work in the international teams
    -Think before sending a card, a letter or a message
    -Work democratically
    -Respect the values and opinions of everybody else

    Lucia Lohmiller and Simone Schwarz (Germany)

    We are careful with unknown persons but have respect. It is important not to say private things about ourself.

    Melissa and Noemi from Germany

    -respond nicely to other people
    -anwer as quickly as possible
    -don´t hate other people
    -check your messages often
    -respect the opinion of others
    -don´t post a picture without the permission of the people seen there

    Antonia Höck ,Germany

    I think it is important to be friendly to the other people and it is not ok when we judge other people we dont realy know

    Theresa Gansler Germany

    - don't post indecent pics
    - don't follow pages you don't know
    - respect other opinions
    - you need the permission of the people in the picture
    - don't take photos and videos for personal use

    Laura Ö. & Magdalena P. (Germany)

    -we can ,,talk" with other people in twinspace
    -we can become friends with strange people
    -we have to respect every People
    -we have to be carefull
    -we have to be friendly and nice to all

    -to meet strangers out of the school project
    -to abuse other people
    -to uploade photos of other people

    Isi and Laura from Germany

    - be Kind
    -Show respect to everyone
    -share photos of people, that don`t want that
    -don`t follow pages u don`t know
    -don`t judge people

    Regina Schmitz - Germany

    - You should respect others and not insult anyone!
    - You should respect the opinions of each other.
    - Think carefully about the content of the message you send to someone else.
    - You may not upload photos of other people without their consent.
    - Don't give disrespectful comments about other people's photos.
    - Do not reveal anything too private about you.

    Chiara Paolino and Hannah Holzmann, Germany

    We think it´s important that people are friendly and respectfull.
    And the other people and of course you, too aren´t allowed to take photos of the others if they don´t want it!!

    Jessica und Svenja Germany

    - we should give the other people in twinspace respect
    - we should be careful with private informations
    - nobody is allowed to write something bad about other people
    - and we should write at least sometimes with the others on the twinspace
    - but we should also have funn in twinspace

    Amelie Schwab - Germany

    - Be respectful to every Person.
    - You can use social media to make new contacts, but don't use it to make many new friends.
    - Be careful what you post or comment.
    - Separate your private life from your social life.
    - Don't share photos or Videos of people before you ask them for permission

    Leni Ostler - Germany

    I think it´s important to respect everyone. It doesn´t matter if the person is little or tall, or skinny or big.