Agenda - 3rd July

  • In our meeting we should discuss the first steps:

    - date of the first meeting in Garmisch-Partenkirchen

    - who is going to participate - team building

    - accomodation for the teachers

    - budget

    I tried to export the notes of the meeting, but it didn't quite work the way I thought, so here is the most important information that I can remember. If anything is missing, you'll be welcome to add it:

    LTT Garmisch:

    - will take place from 22nd to 24th October

    - three teachers from each school

    - nearest airport is Munich, otherwise you can also go to Memmingen (Ryan Air) or Innsbruck

    - there are trains once an hour from Munich to Garmisch-Partenkirchen, the cheapest ticket (Underground and train together) is "Werdenfelsticket" - takes about 2 hours to go to Garmisch

    - if you go to Memmingen, please tell the German school

    - accomodation: you will get information about hotels in Garmisch here on the Twinspace soon (rooms are cheaper if you share a double room with a colleague)

    - breakfast is included in the price for the room at the hotel, lunch will be at school (offered by the German school), dinner at restaurants in Garmisch

    - if there are special things to prepare for the meeting, information will be on the Twinspace

    - lump sum funding: each school can dispose of 1779 euros for the meeting for the three teachers (it is possible to use part of the money for project management: there are 250 euros per month for each school)


    - 80% of the whole budget will be payed as soon as the contract is signed and sent back to the national agency

    - each school has to manage its own budget and get along with the money

    - the remaining 20% will be payed when the report will have been written and accepted (including the cost documentation)

    LTT Corsica:

    - will take place from 18th to 23rd November

    - two teachers and seven students from each school

    - Brigitte will rent a bus for transportation from airport to the school which will be paid by Germany, Greece and Spain. 

    - arrival at Bastia airport (Poretta) or Figari, but NOT Ajaccio

    - if a school takes more students, Brigitte must be informed in due time