Optimize your potential and well-being at school


    • get aware of how much we can improve gettting the best strategies
    • integrate social-emotional skills
    • share tips 
    • fight bad habits


    1. read about the subject in class and at home.
    2. and practical tips on the Twinboard (don't get into stereotypes )
    3. think about the particular aspect of eTwinning work at school to prepare the activities on the twinspace.

      Team Corsica working:


  • Share your strategies !

    Laurent,Pedro,Yanis,Szymon (Corsica)

    I mustn't eat Chewing-Gum.
    I can't play video games at school.
    I musn't fight at school.
    I am not allowed phone at school.
    I must be quiet at school.
    I am not allowed to talk in class.
    I have to write properly.
    I musn't be insolent with teachers.
    I mustn't take drugs and cigarettes to school.
    I mustn't be rude in class with mates and teachers.
    I am not allowed to bring weapons on school grounds.
    I should listen to teachers for lessons.
    I shouldn't play in the classroom.

    Sara, Cristina C, Merce María A, Cristina S (Spain)

    You can only go to the toilets during the breaks.
    You mustn't be late to class.
    You mustn't throw rubbish to the floor.
    You always have to do your homework.
    You don't have to go to School on Saturdays or Sundays.

    Talia, Marta, Clara, Ana, Mónica (Spain)

    You mustn't shout at the teacher.
    You ought to respect the teachers and the students.
    You mustn't run in the corridors.
    You are not allowed to use your phones in class.
    You mustn't make strange noises or be rude in class.
    You mustn't write on the digital board with a marker.

    Aggeliki Kiriakou , Greece

    -You must be kind
    -You must not shout to your teachers
    -You must finish your homework by the time you are allowed to
    -You must wear proper clothes
    -You must be quiet
    -You must not be rude
    -You must respect your teachers and your classmates

    Eleni Kefali ,Greece

    You must respect your teachers and your classmates
    You must do your homework
    You must be organized
    You must pay attention
    You must be quiet in class

    Theodora Gourogianni, Greece

    We must not throw rubbish
    We must have all our homework ready for the next day
    We have to be kind and respectful to our teachers and classmates
    We must be dressed properly
    We have to pay attention to our teachers when they tell us or show us something

    Team Corsica

    I should be attentive.
    I must listen to the teacher.
    I should review my lesson.
    I must be organized and regular in my work.
    I mustn't be distracted.
    I must have an irreproachable behaviour.
    I shouldn't move around the classroom.
    I mustn't chat with classmates and speak French.

    Maria M., Greece

    1) You must be quiet.
    2) You shouldn't be late to school.
    3) You shouldn't talk in the class room.
    4) You must do your homework.
    5) You must respect your teachers.

    Magdalena, Germany

    Some of our rules:
    -We aren`t allowed to use the mobile phone in the whole school
    -We mustn`t be late for class
    -We have to respect the teachers
    -We aren`t allowed to leave the school ground during the short breaks

    I hope our guests like it here and will accept the rules.