Tuesday November 19th

  • (School subjects: English, art, sport, music, digital, French)

    Languages: English, artistic, body, mother tongue (logbook)

    Art path: photography, drawing, mobile, singing.

    Future path: a photographer, a singer

    Citizenship path: collaborative european team work

    Health path: physical activity, balanced day sitting and moving, balanced diet at the canteen.

    Authenticity path: critical thinking, choosing, creativity.

    Photography genres: landscape, outdoor, portrait, architecture, Art, glamour, selfie , wildlife.


    8.30 to 12.00 outing to Calzarellu beach

    All the 42 students and visitor teachers + Brigitte Collomb (coordinator) , Françoise Siméon de Buochberg and Coraline Gisselaire , France.

    1. We walked on the beach where we started collecting driftwood for our art workshop.
    2. Euro Team reading: (7 Euro teams with 7 teachers ) the Corsican legend of St Lucie's eyes in European group. The idea of the spiral and the importance of kindness and being friendly and helpful to others.

    The legend of the eye of Saint Lucia:

    Saint Lucia, virgin and martyr, young girl from Syracuse accompanyied her mother who was suffering from a serious illness on the tomb of Saint Agatha. With long prayers, she got her mother's healing. She was so thankful that she distributed all her belongings to those which had nothing and she unpleased her fiancé who accused herself of being a Christian. According to the legends, she tore away her eyes, she put them on a plate and had them brought to her fiancé so that he would never forget their beauty. Her fiancé who could not forget their beauty (which explains why we represent her carrying in one hand the palm of the martyrs and one the other hand a plate with her eyes on), either she tore her eyes and threw them into the sea so as not to be diverted of her faith and get closer to her suitors; which gives a link with our famous seashell caught or picked up in Corsica or in the Mediterranean basin.


    Lucie is invoked to treat eye diseases. By analogy, the eye of Saint Lucia removes the evil eye, brings luck and happiness, even prosperity when it is placed with money.

    Its use in jewelry:

    In Corsica, the eye of Saint Lucia is found in many jewelers. It is to make simple pendant or associated with other materials it is highlighted.


    3.  Landart to illustrate the legend read with the same Euro teams and teachers. Photography by teachers: (the landart and the students) the best angle to take a memorable and useful photo for our magazine..

    Brigitte Collomb and  The Mute Team: Mia, Spain; Vasilis, Greece; Jessica, Germany; Maëlys, France; Léandru, France; Scymen, France

    Eftihia Chroni and The United Kids: Eleni, Greece; Isabella, Germany;Carmen, Spain; Clémentine, France; Clara, France;  Aurélien, France


    ... and G.G.S.C: Maria, Greece; Yanis, France; Chiara, France; Paola, France; Carlotta, Germany; Darius, Spain


    Christiane Eichel and The Six Thunders with: Angie, Greece, Helena, Spain; Sabine, Germany; Océane, France; Kentin, France; Orsu Francescu, France

    ... and The Six: Rubis, Spain; Flavie, France; Louka, France; Jean-Baptiste, France; Pantelis, Greece; Laura, Germany


    Pepa and the Erasmus Kids: Sara, Spain; Hannah, Germany: Pedro, France; Laurent, France; Georgers, France; Théodora, Greece

    Michael Doukoumetzakis, Marianthi Platsi and No Name; Nathan, France;Quentin, France; Katia, France; Kostas, Greece; Hannah, Germany; Gabriel, Spain


    4. Open air photography workshop: the students and the teachers take photos integrated in the landscape or the mural paintings:


    13.30 to 16.00: different workshops (Brigitte Collomb: coordinator)

    ART ROOM 011 : Art workshop: creation of the mobile with driftwood + creation of a poster to illustrate our mobility + photos and videos.

    TEACHERS:  Coraline Gisselaire, Art teacher France.; Michael Doukoumetzakis, Art teacher and Marianthi Platsi; Greece.







    HALL: Flashmob workshop: with Jean Noël Profizi; music teacher and prodfessional singer in a Corsican band. They sang "Asimbonanga" to celebrate Mandela's Day with the 180 Corsican 4ème students in the school hall.

    ROOM 127 Photography workshop with Mr. Roux a professional photographer. Teachers and students could show their pictures taken in the morning for a critical debate followed by useful advice by Mr Roux to take valuable photos for our magazine and social media. (video) Christiane Eichel translated the worshop, thanks !

    This is a link to «1jour1actu» about fake photos.


    17.00 to 17.30: Writing on our logbook  + what to share on our social media (Twinspace journal, Facebook page…)   



    This video contains the photography workshop by Mr Roux, a professional photographer. I would like all the students to watch it to be able to take nice pictures for our magazines.


    TWINBOARD ACTIVITY: Let's tweet! ( about 40 words)

    1. Choose your favourite photo of the day.
    2. Describe it in the past.
    3. Express your gratitude ( I am grateful for something / to + someone) Thanks...
    4. Exclamative sentence: How + adjective! / What a + nouns!
  • Social media training: add your favourite picture for this day and short constructive comment.

    Aurélien, Corsica

    We went to the beach with the others children and the teachers and we took some pieces of wood and make some pictures with our friends. After, we used the pieces of wood to make some construcions, a mobile for the Erasmus project.


    On Tuesday, we went to the Calzarellu beach. It was nice because the German girls had never seen the sea. We did land-art with woods. We took photos with grafitis.

    Clara, Corsica

    We went for a walk to Calzarellu beach and we posed in front of painted walls.
    I am grateful for something.

    Flavie Corsica

    We went to the beach with all the students in the morning, we took a lot of pictures, Thank you for this beautiful place !

    Yanis , Corsica

    It was extraordinary because we went to Calzarello beach, we walked around while taking pieces of wood and then we made a kind of art .with sand and wood. thanks, gratitude!.

    Leandru , Corsica

    In the morning we went to the beach of Calzarellu, we collected pieces of wood and then we built mobiles with found objects. We took photos and discussed

    Orsu-Francescu, Corsica

    For this day, we went to Calzarellu beach, we did wooden mobiles and pictures. Thanks for your support! I liked playing petanque with Nathan and Dominik!

    pedro corsica

    I enjoyed going to the beach in the morning : We took up some wood to make some sculptures. The weather was nice and warm. We had great fun because we walked along the sea.


    On Thursday, we went to the beach to get some driftwood.

    Laurent Corsica

    On Tuesday we were in Calzarellu to make landart with driftwood we kept some for a mobile then in the evenings we drew our hands on a Canson sheet.

    louka corsica

    On Tuesday was a day that I really enjoyed, especially when we went to the beach to get the driftwood.

    Maëlys, Corsica

    On Tuesday we went to the beach to pick up wood

    paola, corsica

    Tuesday was really good because we went to the beach to collect wood for our mobile, it was one of my favorite days


    We went to Calzarellu beach and drew on the sand. We came back to the college and did some activities and put a nation in each group and we worked together find a group name etc

    Sara, Spain

    we went for a walk to the beach and we started collecting driftwood for the art workshop while enjoying the beautiful landscape.


    Tuesday,we went to the beach of Calzarellu to pick up wood then in class we have sculpted into a mobile then we drew with my class we went to do our flashmob.


    We went to the beach and we took some woods,because we wanted to create something artistic.We worked in teams with the students from the other countries and Thanks to their help and our imagination we created an enormous spiral on the sand.What a lovely day!

    Rubis, Spain

    We went to the beach for a walk, collect wooden sticks and stuff for an art workshop. It had beautiful views, al tho, it was very cold. But after all, it was a loot of fun!

    Mia Lynch, Spain

    I had fun taking aesthetic pictures of the beach, didnt chose one for this day though cause the thing I remember the most of that day is the meme face I pulled when a friend said something (I cant remember what he said though to be honest).

    Maria M. Greece

    On Tuesday we went to the beach with all the students and we did various activities. Thanks for the very interesting day:))))

    Aggeliki Kiriakou Greece

    Tuesday was very good day.We went to the beach to collect woods and we went back to school to make things from the woods..It was such an amazing day!!!!!!!!

    Theodora, Greece

    So we went in a beautiful beach all together and we gather some woods to make the word Erasmus with them it was really nice. Thanks for the very interesting day!


    On tuesday we went to the beach and we collected wood to create some sort of a picture with the word erasmus from wood and other materials. What a beautiful day it was !


    On Tuesday we went to the beach all together and got to know each other better by cooperating to make crafts from woods.Thanks for that beautiful day!

    Jessica, Germany

    On Tuesday we suprisingly didn't go to the school, but to the beach. I was very glad about that, and it turned to a great day. I would love to come again!!

    Isi and Laura from Germany

    We went with the bus to the beach and made some pictures. We collected some material (Wood, seagrasthings,...) and made sculptures of the things with the word ´Erasmus´. All in all it was a really nice and cool day.

    Fabia, Germany

    The Pictures are interesting!

    Letizia , Germany

    This Pictures look very nice and funny.

    Sabine, Germany

    At the second day we went to the beach, beach. That was really interesting for us because at the place in Germany where we live there are just the mountains. Not mountains and the sea.

    Magdalena, Germany

    The beach and the nature look very nice.

    Amelie Schwab GERMANY

    wow! The beach looks so beautiful. I wish we had a beach.

    Melissa - Germany

    Oh WOW!!!
    All of these pictures look fantastic. I love the beach and wish we had a beach, too. We only have big mountins!

    Have you ever climbed a high and large mountain like the Zugspitze?