STEP 2: Let's investigate!


    • browse the net in mother tongue and in English
    • look for information aboutCovid-19 in order to write a report of what we know today and to make a poster to share the best gestures.
    • be able to share only  real facts about the desease and to quote sources.
    • understand that it is important to look for information from different sources to make sure you are not facing fake news.
    • listen to videos to complete your ideas, you will need your vocabulary concerning the body and organs.



    1. Can you look for up to date info about covid19 on the internet? Write the date in your exercise book, then the name and URL of the website you are visiting and take notes in your exercise book. Just write key ideas to write our report on Covid and to create our poster.
    2. Listen to the videos to complete your ideas; same thing, don't forget to write the names of the videos.


    3. Go to this Australian Website to see another video and to read a leaflet:

    4. You can ask people around you (parents, doctors, biology teacher) or read papers to complete your research.

    5. Use the Twinboard to share your investigation about Covid-19; keep the appropriate gesture for step 3 on the following page.


    IF YOU NEED TO REVISE: simple present:

    1. Complète avec "do" ou "does"

    2. Complète avec "S" ou "ES"

    3. Conjugue le verbe au présent simple.

    4. Mets les phrases en ordre, attention à la place des adverbes s'il y en a! N'oublie pas la ponctuation en fin de phrase.

    5. Complète avec des short answers.

    IF YOU NEED TO REVISE: present be-ing:

    1. Complète avec: am / is / are, forme pleine ou contractée...

    2. Mets ces verbes à la forme: BV-ing. Attention aux modifications orthographiques!!!

    3. Conjugue ces verbes au présent be-ing à la forme affirmative.N'oublie pas l'apostrophe pour la forme contractée...

    4. Mets ces phrases à la forme interrogative. Commence la phrase par une majuscule !

    5. Mets ces phrases à la forme négative.

    6. Complète avec des short answers...

    7. Conjugue les verbes au présent be-ing ou au présent simple! Relis ta leçon si nécessaire...

  • Can you share your key ideas about Covid-19 so that we can write an article from this at the end? Don't forget to write your name and country.

    Chiara, Corsica

    Here is my research on the Covid-19 and a small picture (made on phone so not beautiful 😅 )

    Louka, Corsica

    You have been sick with a coronavirus before.
    There are two types of viruses, rhinoviruses and coronaviruses. So if you have ever been sick, its isuery likely that you have caught another type of coronaviruses. The new type of coronavirus that emerged is called COVID-19 (the 19 coronavirus).
    Even if it not a dangerous virus, between 1% and 2% mortality rate.
    For protect yourself wash your hands, and don't pick your nose and your face. For protect other stay at home if your are sick.
    Source : video on YouTube and

    Nathan, Corsica

    COVID-19 or Coronavirus is the name of a virus that infects before it is buried.
    4 million infected on Earth. Many people are victims of a potentially deadly virus.
    He is responsible for 315,000 deaths this year.
    Almost the entire Earth is in quarantine to calm the virus and relieve intensive care in hospitals.
    However, it is rather simple to protect yourself against the virus.
    We have to wash our hands very regularly with soap for about 20 sec.
    Have a minimum distance of 1m50 between each person.
    And wearing a mask has become compulsory in public places.
    Source : and Articles on the twinspace

    Orsu-Francescu Corsica

    The name of the new virus is coronavirus or COVID-19. But in fact, you have been sick by corona virus because the most part of the disease(sore throat, cough...) is caused by types of viruses. The most part of them are rhinoviruses or coronaviruses. The Covid is a coronavirus. But in reality, the Covid is not very dangerous but the problem is that it's very contagious and most people who get the Covid will be fine. So, for stop the pandemic, do the barrier gestures: washing hands, sneeze in a tissue, cough in your elbow, keep a distance to 1,5m with persons and don't touch your face because the virus can survive on surfaces and stay home if you have coronavirus symptoms. Now, more than 5M persons are infected and 339thousand are dead. Source:, youtube, twinspace.


    The coronavirus or covid 19 is a virus that spreads very quickly but it only kills 0.0044821038961038961038961038961 so one in 345,121 people cannot be lucky. The coronavirus and feel thanks to a layer of fat that protects it but if you take it off, it dies instantly. But for its cunt, wash your hands.