Monday Nov 18th Charter writing:


    Collaborative writing for a charter: the students are in 7 Euro teams. (1 German student, 1 Greek, 1 Spanish and 3 Corsican) Each student will write his name and country. What do you use if for?

    ORAL: get started

    1. What can we do with a smartphone?
    2. How many social media accounts do you have?
    3. What do you like to share on social media?
    4. Answer the survey. ( 10 minutes)


    1. Cell phone Etiquette: Dos and Don’ts = at home with family and friends, at school and during activities, in public areas and transports. Protect your phone.  Share your key ideas on this pad:

    2. My phone: a useful tool in my everyday life and for the project.Share your key ideas on this pad:

     3. Social Media Etiquette for students: Dos and don’ts: manage your digital footprint, protect your image, stay safe online, be respectful and avoid addiction. Share your key ideas on this pad:

    4. Social media to optimize our social presence, our work and activities during our project.Share your key ideas on this pad


    1. Work in Euro teams:

    2. Watch the following videos and take notes which can help you illustrate our topics and reformulate them using:

    • We will / won’t + BV …. because….
    • We should / we shouldn’t + BV…  because…
    • Don’t + BV / Always + BV….

    3. Browse the net to complete your ideas and write them in the dedicated pad whose links are in the topics.

    4. With your team get organized in the Discussion to create an infographic on or 


    Here is our charter !

  • Documents

    Video 1: Do you really have a private life online? (social network privacy loss due to friends)

    Look at this videos and note down the key ideas.

    Video 10. How Is Your Phone Changing You?

    Difficult !

    11. Eight rules safe smartphone use
    Video 3. Being Safe on the Internet
    Video 2. Safe Web Surfing: Top Tips for Kids and Teens Online
    Video 5. Easy Ways to Stay Safe on Social Networks
    Video 4. Super Realistic Internet Safety Video
    Video 6 .Five Internet Safety Tips for Kids
    Video 8. NetSafe Episode 3: Tell an Adult
    Video 7. Cyberbullying: there is a way out!
    Video 9. Smartphones in the Classroom
    Theodora, Greece

    We mustn't give our personal information to strangers.
    We should have a private account with people that we know.
    We mustn't spend many hours on the phone.
    We mustn't share our passwords.
    We should start using phones when we are mature enough to control ourselves.