Journalism virtual CLIL space


    • home schooling: first lesson on the media.
    • an online newsagents'
    • and much more...
    • it is not finished yet


    • never use the the side arrows to navigate, use the embed buttons to go "to" and "back" if you don't want to get lost and if you want this space to be interactive and meaningful.
    • the "first step" is dedicated to become media aware and reader
    • The media lesson" will teach you a few facts about the media and ideas of what to do with the information.
    • "Media Vocabulary"  will allow you to learn vocabulary on the topic and vocabulary-related tools.
    • the Libray &Wiki: you will find magazines to read and a place to share your magazines.
    • "Grammar" to revise when writing your articles.
    • "Personal assessment" for quizzes
    • the "expert" path is to become a freelance journaliste who is a beginner journalist in order to write your first magazines with the help of your teachers for this school year.
    • "News organization and magazine layout" to learn how to get organized to create a magazine: teams, sections, angles...
    • "Journalist's job & forms of articles" what to do and what for
    • "Illustration workshop" learn how to take photos, make posters, comic strips...
    • "Technical workshop" tutos in English for useful tools
    • "Survey and dissemination" how to present and share your magazine and questions to ask your readers according to who they are.
    • please report any mistakes

    OPEN THE LESSON full screen here:

  • Will you enjoy the "library" to read and share magazines?
    Yes, of course! What a great idea to work on engaged and ethic magazines!!
    4 votes (100.00%)
    Yes, but not very often as I am not a regular reader and writer.
    0 votes (0%)
    Yes, but just to look at the illustrations and at our shared magazines.
    0 votes (0%)
    Not really, to be honest I am not into reading but I will look at the videos.
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