STEP 3: how to protect myself and others this summer?


    • Use the previous steps to think and react! It's time to find answers to the coming question: "what should I do to be fully protected this summer and enjoy life as well?"
    • learn how to communicate visually.
    • learn to look ahead together and answer the coming questions to anticipate!
    • share posters to protect ourselves from the Covid-19 during these comings summer months so that we can all meet for our mobilities!
    • imagine the best summer behavior to keep safe and responsible
    • be aware of the different information we need according to where we live. (at the sea side or in the mountains, in a tourist place or not)
    • encourage people to enjoy their summer holiday being protected! Encourage the best practices in town (pub, restaurant, shops...) , travelling (train, planes...)  or on the beach! Shall we lay our towel? Or should we just go for a swim and go back home?
    • keep our environment clean and safe for people and animals. Suggest citizens not to throw their masks everywhere for example.



    1. Imagine your poster ideas. 
    2. choose the appropriate structures: advice?, order? suggestions? wishes?
    3. choose your favourite tool among the suggested ones to create your poster. You can also decide to denonce bad behaviors through a shock series or one poster. 
    4. don't forget to use copyright free images, why not take your own pictures or draw? You can also use a drawing software to illustrate your poster.
    5. Show your teacher your sentences if you want before publishing your poster.
    6. Upload your pictures in the "materials" and share them with your goal or required explanations in the Twinboard. Don't foget to write your name + country as usual.


    (Simple and intuitive tool won't need a tutorial)

    Some tools will allow image posters and others intercative posters.





    Piktochart (infographies)

    (tutorial: ) (infographies / image interactives)

    (tutorial: )

    Thinglink: (image interactive):

    (tutorial: )

  • Visual communication is part of today's communication. How do you feel using it?
    I feel comfortable and I choose interactive complex poster.
    2 votes (50.00%)
    I feel quite comfotable and I choose complex image poster.
    1 vote (25.00%)
    I will just have a single picture poster.
    1 vote (25.00%)
    I am not good at visual communication but I feel like trying.
    0 votes (0%)
    I am hopeless at visual communication!
    0 votes (0%)
  • Share your posters here and explain your intentions.

    Louka Corsica

    For protect myself and other, it's necessary to respect the barrier gestures and not to forget than even if we are unconfined, the virus has not been eradicated.

    Laurent (corsica)

    It is necessary to stop meeting with several and to agglutinate one !

    Nathan, Corsica

    Here is my interactive poster:

    Tsakalou Amalia, Greece

    Even though quarantine is over we should still be careful during our Summer holidays!

    Chiara - Corsica

    Here is my infographic

    Nathan - Corsica

    Protect yourself in your every day life.