7 EUro teams LTT in Corsica


    • getting the kids organized in EUropean teams.
    • finding those teams a name and a captain.


    • get organized during the ice breaking activities.
    • each team should be composed with 1 Greek student, 1 Spanish student, 1 German student and 3 Corsican students.
    • each team should have boys and girls.
    • each team should be balanced according to your skills to be able to undergo all the challenges during this LTT.
    •  THINK WELL 
  • Write your team name, the students name and country.

    The United Kids

    Eleni, Greece
    Isabella, Germany
    Carmen, Spain
    Clémentine, France
    Clara, France
    Aurélien, France


    Maria, Greece
    Yanis, France
    Chiara, France
    Paola, France
    Carlotta, Germany
    Darius, Spain

    No Name

    Nathan, France
    Quentin, France
    Katia, France
    Kostas, Greece
    Hannah, Germany
    Gabriel, Spain

    The Six

    Rubis, Spain
    Flavie, France
    Louka, France
    Jean-Baptiste, France
    Pantelis, Greece
    Laura, Germany

    The Mute Team

    Mia, Spain
    Vasilis, Greece
    Jessica, Germany
    Maëlys, France
    Léandru, France
    Scymen, France

    The Six Thunders

    Angie, Greece
    Helena, Spain
    Sabine, Germany
    Océane, France
    Kentin, France
    Orsu Francescu, France

    Erasmus Kids

    Sara, Spain
    Hannah, Germany
    Pedro, FRance
    Laurent, France
    Georgers, France
    Théodora, Greece