STUDENTS: "Erasmag Team" N°1


    • share the magazine of the Corsican mobility with the project members to remember the activities, and their objectives, share the experiment, and work on the results and the impact.


    1. Get to the discussion to understand what we are asking you while reading the magazine for the first time. You can open two internet windows to keep the questions visible and write down the answers.Don't forget to use: opinion, advice, suggestion... according to what is being asked in the explanations.
    2. Read the magazine, you will see it bigger if you click on this link
    3. Read the edito in your mother tongue, your teacher will explain you what you don't understand about it, it's the only difficult reading of the mag.           

           Editorial en español.pdf

    1. Edito en français.pdf

      Erasmag Τeam Edito Ελληνικά .pdf

      There are videos in the magazine, you can play them directly from the green round you will see in some pictures.

    2. "Like" the magazine clicking on the "heart" at the top left-hand corner!
    3. Answer the quick poll under the magazine.
    4. Get into the discussion to answer the critical thinking questions if you have decided to answer them at the end. 
    5. Answer this evaluation quizz. (NOT READY YET)

  • Do you think our first magazine is:
    Absolutely brilliant and entertaining!
    4 votes (44.44%)
    Quite a good representation off the LTT and quite entertaining.
    4 votes (44.44%)
    Partly representative of our LTT but still a good souvenir.
    1 vote (11.11%)
    Not enough representative and so so.
    0 votes (0%)
    Too long and boring.
    0 votes (0%)