• express your gratitude about the project
      • wish the partners joyful summer holidays
      • tell what you have planned for your holiday?
      • express your expectations for next year


      1. create an illustration and share it on a Twinboard, it can be a photo or a Wordart ( You can use all the words and ideas contained in this project to check if you got it all!
      2. TUTO: 
      3. write a text to express your gratitude and say "See you next year!" in the twinboard.



    I would like (you) to + Bv.
    I'd love (you) to + BV.
    I feel like + BVing. (J'ai envie de )
    I hope to + BV. (J'espère)
    I wish (I) + preterit modal.
    If only (I) + preterit modal.
    To be looking foward to + BVing. (avoir hâte de)
    To dream of + BVing / GN.
    To be dying for + GN


    I will +BV.
    This is what ...
    I am definitely BVing.
    I am determined (not) to + BV.



    love + BVing / GN.  (adorer / aimer)                                                                                adore + BVing / GN.  (adorer)                                                         
    like + BVing / GN.  (aimer)
    enjoy + BVing / GN.  (apprécier)
    fancy + BVing / GN.                                                       
    be keen on + BVing /GN.                                                             
    be fond of + BVing / GN.                                                               


  • What is you final word about our project? Time to wish everybody nice summer holiday! Time to set up expectations for next year, to express wishes!

    Theodora, Greece

    Our trip to Corsica was an amazing experience!! All the activities were really nice!Hope you all have a great summer and be able to travel to Greece next year. I don't have any plans for my summer yet cause of the Corona virus but I will have soon.
    See you next year


    My experience from the program was very fun!Our trip to Corsica was very adventurous and also very exciting!Personaly I had a great time and I would do than again!!!Have a great summer everyone and I will see you next year!Thank you for everything!Have fun and take care!!!:)

    Chiara, Corsica.

    Meeting all of you during the exchange program was a very nice experience, and doing all these activities with you was very cool, it helped me a lot to learn English. I can't wait and I hope to see you (again) in Greece! Have a great summer despite the Covid-19, and take care of yourself!

    Orsu-Francescu, Corsica

    The mobility in Corsica was very nice, because all of you were very nice. I hope that the rest of the program will be okay, and that the other students who didn't move, will be able to ! Thanks for all ! Take care of yourself, be positive and see you soon !

    Leandru, Corsica

    The project allowed me to improve my English and i thanks for you that.
    Me wish you a beautiful summer with what's happening right now.
    Normallly I had to go to Saint-Jean-De-Luz, it's in the south west of france and very close to spain But because of the coronavirus I have to stay in Corsica.For next year I would like us to be able to make the trips planned to return to normal life as before. I wish you a great summer and goodbye.

    Mia Lynch, Spain.

    The trip to corsica was amazing. On this project I've had a lot of fun and made some friends.
    I hope everyone has a nice summer. This summer I’m going to England and I hope to have fun. I also hope that next year everyone is happy and everyone has fun.

    Clara, Spain

    This wonderful, funny and educational project allowed me to learn many things about other cultures. I've met really cool people and I had the oportunity to see through photos made by the students and teachers, all the wonderful places that there are through all Europe. The gastronomy from every place looks really great. I am really proud for taking part in this great project, because of showing my culture to others and by learning from their cultures respectively.

    Marta, Spain

    I'm very grateful for being part of this amazing project.Thanks to this project I've been able to learn about different cultures, countries, food, landscapes and history.
    I wish you a good summer! I can't wait to get more involved in this experience!

    Brigitte Collomb - France

    Hello dear partners!
    How are you! I am delighted to read all your nice messages. I wish you wonderful and relaxing summer holidays! I am looking foward to travelling to your countries next school year and to learning more about your culture, discovering your schools and meeting your families!
    Keep safe and see you next year!


    During this project I learned many things about other countries and met new friends. I improved my English speaking . The trip to Corsica was fantastic.We had such a lovely time.I hope we all have a nice summer and meet again in September. Take care !!!!

    Sara, Spain.

    I think that this project is a great opportunity for all of us, from which we are learning and enjoying. Like all of us, I was able to do my bit to make this project grow, so we can become a big family that shares beautiful experiences.
    I am very grateful for the trip to Corsica, an experience I will surely not forget! There, I was able to learn about the culture and traditions of that place and, of course, practice my English and make new friends, with whom I'm still in touch.
    Thank you very much and happy summer holidays y'all!!🌞

    Talia, Spain

    This project has been one of the best experiences yet, I am so glad it is not over. I got to learn a great deal about other cultures and meeting all the new people has been an amzing part of this project. I am really glad I took part in it.
    The thought of travelling to somewhere as culturally enriched as any of the other contries in this project is absolutely amazing.
    I hope you all have a great summer and I can't wait to get involved again next year! Until thgen!

    Cristina Sola (Spain)

    I am very happy and grateful to be part of this project, I think it has been and is a great opportunity to improve my English and learn more about other cultures. The most important thing that this project has given me are new friends, because thanks to this I have new friends from the three countries with whom I speak frequently and with whom we share our cultures and ideas and I am very grateful for that. I hope everyone has a great summer and I hope you are safe. See you in September !!!

    Rubis, Spain

    The trip to Corsica was an amazing example of culture, habits and many other stuff. It shows you how big is the world and that there is much more than only your town, the usual people, and plenty other stuff to discover. This project gives the opportunity to bring people closer to each other, all around the world, and that is the beautiful thing about it. Over all, the trip to Corsica was really fun, the people are amazing, it’s a beautiful place too, and the beaches look amazing in summer ahahah. Thanks you a lot for this opportunity, and hope to see all of you again soon!!