Wednesday November 20th

  • (School subjects: English geography, history, digital tools, media, history)

    Languages: English, artistic, mother tongue (logbook)

    Art path: photography. .

    Future path: a boat captain.

    Citizenship path: "Bouches de Bonifacio" UNESCO cultural heritage.

    Health path: physical activity, balanced day sitting and moving.

    Authenticity path: being myself and part of a group.

    Photography genres: landscape, marine, wildlife,  portrait, architecture, street, group and selfie.


    All the 42 students and visitor teachers + Brigitte Collomb (coordinator) and Kevin Loverini history teacher.


    8.30 to 17.00: Cultural outing to Bonifaccio  with the visit of the caves and cliffs on the famous "Bouches de Bonifaccio Unesco Heritage.

    Objectives: learn about the place and take valuable photos to write a special article.


    CRUISE to visit the caves and cliffs.

    PICNIC AND VISIT of the old town:

    STOPOVER in Porto Vecchio on the way back to discover to warf, the gulf and have some shopping in a large shopping mall.

    STOPOVER at the Fautea Beach :

    17.00 to 17.30 LIBRARYwriting page in mother tongue on the logbook + what to share on our social media (Twinspace journal, Facebook page)



    TWINBOARD ACTIVITY: Let's tweet! ( about 40 words)

    1. Choose your favourite photo of the day.
    2. Describe it in the past.
    3. Express your gratitude ( I am grateful for something / to + someone) Thanks...
    4. Exclamative sentence: How + adjective! / What a + nouns!
  • Social media training: add your favourite picture for this day and short constructive comment.

    Aurélien, Corsica
    Chiara, Corsica

    On Wednseday, we went to Bonifaccio. In the morning we did boat and we saw jellyfish. After we went to the citadel and we ate our picnic.

    Clara, Corsica

    We went to Bonifaccio, we visited the caves by boat. I liked this day.

    Flavie Corsica

    We went to a sooo beautiful place, the port of Bonifacio. it was soooo cool.

    Yanis , Corsica

    For me this day was good because we went to Bonifaccio to visit the historic places, then we went for a walk. thank you for your kindness

    Leandru , Corsica

    The seagull and the Grain-De-Sel rock behind. During this day in Bonifacio we went for a walk, learned things about the town, had fun, we went on a flyboat to see the cliffs of Bonifacio. Stroll in the alleys of the city.


    We took thé bus to go to bonifacio.
    We went for a boat ride, We saw cliffs and rock.
    We went to the citadelle and We ate with our friends and We visited Bonifacio.
    We going Porto vecchio and We have stoppé of beach.
    We going géant casino and did thé shopping.
    And We going to the school

    Orsu-Francescu, Corsica

    It was the day where we went to Bonifacio! I liked the fact that other countries discovered our land. And I found good the cruise by boat! What a beautiful sun we had!

    pedro corsica

    We went to Bonifaccio : We left the college at 8.30 , and we arrived at 10.30 . We enjoyed walking in the old town and then , we took the boat and we turned around the city.

    oceane .corsica

    On Wednesday we went boating and went up the citadel then to the lake and we went shopping

    Laurent Corsica

    On Wednesday we went down to Bonifaccio in the south of Corsica where we visited the Bonifaccio caves and we visited the historic center with our teacher of geography & history

    Maëlys, Corsica

    On Wednesday we went for a boat ride. For the trip we had lunch and we went for a walk in the citadel

    louka corsica

    The boat ride was really great, we learned a lot and the seagulls followed us.

    paola, corsica

    Wednesday was really my favorite day because we went to Bonifacio, we went boating and we visited the citadel.


    On Wednesday we went to Bonifacio then we went boating and we visited the citadel

    Sara, Spain

    It was my favorite day since we went to Bonifaccio where we took a boat ride and enjoyed the views.


    We went to Bonifacio and spent the whole day there.We visited the caves and the village and we had a picnic.I am grateful for the trip.What a great time I had!!!

    Carmen, Spain

    In Bonifacio we took a boat ride and after that we walked up to a village where we rested and ate something while we enjoyed the beautiful views

    Rubis, Spain

    We went to the port of Bonifacio. It's such a beautiful place. We took a ride with the boat and then we went for a walk. It was an awesome day!!

    Mia Lynch, Spain

    I had a lot of fun , I loved exploring the castle in my boots with heels that killed my feet and "spying" in exchange for crisps since one of my friends was sad over stuff. Then since one of my friends was sad we tried to cheer her up. But things got worse at the shopping center. we managed to cheer her up in the end though

    Maria M. Greece

    On Wednesday we went to the port of Bonifacio which was a very nice place. It was my favourite day!!!

    Maria M. Greece

    On Wednesday we went to Bonifacio where it was a very nice place.It was my favourite day:)).How wonderful it was.

    Aggeliki Kiriakou Greece

    Wednesday was really fun.We visited the gorgeous Bonifacio with the beautiful view.It was sooo worth it! How lovely!?


    Wednesday was a fantastic day we went to Bonifaccio and on a boat trip the view was amazing.

    Theodora, Greece

    Wednesday was a fantastic day we went to Bonifaccio and on a boat trip the view was breathtaking. What a great time we had.


    I really liked wednesday! We spend the whole day in Bonifacio, a lovely picturesque place! it was really cool!


    Wednesday was one of my most favorite days.Bonifacio was so beautiful!!I also loved the ride with the boat and the walk on the village.I had so much fun !

    Pantelis, Greece

    This was my favourite day, the trip to Bonifacio was great. I liked the view from the castle very much. I would like to visit this place again!!

    Fabia, Germany

    The beach looks very nice!

    Letizia, Maziul

    Bonifaccio and the beach looks very beautiful.

    Sabine, Germany

    On Wednesday we drove with the bus to Bonifacio. The boat tour was really nice because there were a lot of seagulls which flew over us. And the sea was sooooooooo beautiful!!!!

    Amelie Schwab GERMANY

    I'm so glad for you that you were there. It looks incredible

    Lucia, Germany

    The harbor looks very nice !

    Isabella, Germany

    Wednesday was my favourite day, Bonifacio was beautyfull, in the bus it was very funny, soooooo really nice day.

    Jessica, Germany

    On wednesday we went to Bonifatio. It is situated on the south of Corsica.It was a very nice day and I had a lot of fun.


    All these activities look very nice and interesting. I am looking forward for the meeting in Garmisch.