Friday November 22nd

  • (English, digital tools and media, cooking)

    Languages: English, maths,pictures, mother tongue (logbook)

    Art path: cooking.

    Future path: a professional cook

    Citizenship path: collaborative european team work

    Health path: healthy food, balanced diet at the canteen.

    Authenticity path: critical thinking, choosing, creativity.

    Photo genres: (cooking) testimony, special event.


    All the students and visitor teachers and Brigitte Collomb, coordinator.


    8.30 to 12.00 LIBRARY / COMPUTER ROOM: 

    Languages and media workshop: Brigitte Collomb assisted by Christiane Eichel. 

    1. The title of of project explained and translated in our 4 languages. What do we need to socialize?


    Students Schüler     élèves
    Own eigene     propre
    Creativity Kreativität     créativité
    In in     dans
    All allen     tous (les)
    Languages Sprachen     langages.
    & &     &
    Mindful sinnvolles     raisonné
    Effective effektives     efficace
    Democratic demokratisches     démocratique
    Internet Internet     Internet
    Awareness Bewusstsein     conscience

    S = students

    O = Own

    C= Creativity

    I= in

    A = All

    L = Languages


    M = Mindful

    E = Effective

    D= Democratic

    I = Internet

    A= Awareness


    2. About the media: What is a magazine for? What does it mean to be a young journalist? 


    3. Madmagz to write our online magazine. The students got familiar with Madmagz collaboration. They choose their favourite template= Modern 


    4. They suggested titles and voted for their favourite one.

    They finally agreed on: "Erasmag Team"


    13.30 to 16.30: different workshops:


    1. SEGPA KITCHEN: cooking worshop: the 4 European desserts with the French teacher Carole Quilici helped by Christiane Eichel Germany and Marianthi Platsi Greece.

    Getting ready to cook:


    1. The Greek dessert : 

    2. the German dessert: the "Apfelstrudel".

    3. The Spanish dessert: "Torrijas."

    4. The Corsican, French dessert: the "Fiadone" made with Corsican cheese Brocciu and flavoured with lemon.

    2. Logo workshop: with Pepa Soler, Spanish maths teacher in the computer room using Geogebra to create our Tree Logo which will be filled in with some of our pictures.

    3. Media workshop with Brigitte Collomb:help by Isabel Parra Spain. The Corsican kids prepared questions to interview the visitor students about this mobility. The visitors thought about possible answers.

    16.00 to 17.30  LIBRARY Video studio:  Workshop interviews of the participants . Corsican journalists receiving the 3 visiting teams to be interviewed. 

    The German team:

    The Spanish team:




    18.30 pm: Ceremony of the certificates

    19.30 goodbye meal at the restaurant of the Segpa in the following page !


    TWINBOARD ACTIVITY: Let's tweet! ( about 40 words)

    1. Choose your favourite photo of the day.
    2. Describe it in the past.
    3. Express your gratitude ( I am grateful for something / to + someone) Thanks...
    4. Exclamative sentence: How + adjective! / What a + nouns!
    • Social media training: add your favourite picture for this day and short constructive comment.

      Clara, Corsica

      We stayed at the college on the last day, and did a ceremony to say goodbye... I will miss them.

      Chiara, Corsica

      On Friday, we worked on the magazine. At the evening, we did the ceremony and we ate country specialties. Some girls cried.

      Flavie corsica

      And finally, we said goodbye to everybody :(

      Leandru , corsica

      delicious figatellu donuts the last day

      Orsu-Francescu, Corsica

      The last day. We received Erasmus diplomas I really liked this mobility and all participants! But I'm not sad because I know we'll see each other again soon! Thank you all so much!

      pedro corsica

      It was the last day for the corrspondents: We spent time at the library: Half of us made some cooking and the other part worked on the computer...It was great! We finally had the congratulation ceremony and we ate the food prepared by the students.

      oceane, Corsica

      friday we worked on mobility and in the evening we said goodbye correspond

      Laurent Corsica

      On Friday (Besides my birthday day) We danced what was ridiculous for some of us after having danced in the morning we made goodbyes at the library.


      We made a big meal for the ceremony of the certificates and we said goodbye.

      Maëlys, Corsica

      On Friday we stayed at the library to work on the magazine. In the afternoon we did activities

      Louka corsica

      Cooking was really a nice activity and then it was worth it because it was very delicious

      Aurélien, Corsica

      Some students make the cooking activity and make those delicious figatellu donuts


      On Friday we went to the library to start our magazine then in the afternoon we made groups; some people went to the kitchen of others on the computers and others preparing questions.
      after the evening there was the ceremony of the certificates and we ate what some students had prepared then we shared our last moments with them and we went home

      Sara, Spain

      what we did on the last day was to do a cooking class (which we later served everyone for dinner) and in the end they gave us all a certificate of attendance.

      I want to thank all the teachers and host families who have made this wonderful meeting possible ❤

      paola, corsica

      Friday was unfortunately the last day, in the evening were the evening goodbyes but we still keep very good memories


      The last day we took the cerctificates and we worked about the magazine.I am greatful about the program.What a wonderful time!!!

      Rubis, Spain

      Every journey comes to an end.... It was an amazing week, I met so many people, and places. It was a pleasure to be in Corsica. Thank all of you guys for to make it possible, we miss you all, and we can't wait to see all of you again!!

      Mia Lynch, Spain

      On the last day I had a lot of fun, Sara and Carmen cheered me up and we cooked a dessert in like 20 minutes, it was actually fun even though i got paired with someone i wasnt really close with in the kitchen, it was still better than being made to dance with a boy for traditional dances when there could have been boyxboy or girlxgirl dance couples cause, ya know, lgbtq, but anyway we spent the rest of the time preparing the room for the goodbye party and the played video games on the laptop in the computer room

      Maria M. Greece

      The last day, we spent time at the library.We cooked and after having fun we said goodbye.It's been a great week.Thanks for all:)

      Aggeliki Kiriakou Greece

      Sadly friday was the last day.I miss you so much guyssss! :( What a great,happy and sad day!! :( Thank you for everything!!!


      The last day we spent a lot of time in the school doing some fun activities like cooking,talking and creating our magazine.Later we took our certificates and then we had dinner all together.Unfortunately, we had to say goodbye .Thank you for making this trip a unique experience ...I can't wait to see you again!!!

      Magdalena, Gemany

      The Food and the biscuits look very yummy.


      The " Fiadone" looks so yummy!

      Fabia, Germany

      The Pictures are looking so nice and they all look very happy!

      Amelie Schwab GERMANY

      i would cry too hahaha. You are such a artists at those Food :)

      Sabine, Germany

      The last day was very nice. We cooked the meals for the celebration. During the celebration someone cried like ISI and LAURA :-) and it was very sad to leave our friends.

      Isabella, Germany

      The last day was sooooo sad.I still ask myself where anybody can find the "good" in "goodbye" I miss everybody... :(