2. EUro teams for a Citizen Charter:


    • share common rules for the different aspects of our project.
    • have the students write those rules in European teams so that they truly get aware of them and understand them.
    • have the teachers complete these rules to write the charter of our project, concerning the eTwinning aspect and the mobilities.


    • let's get the students organized in European team to write our charter.
    • Each student join a team according to his or her feeling about the topic
    • don't forget to write your name and country.



    1. Optimize your potential and well-being at home:

    Amalia Tsakalou, Stella Papanastasiou, Kostas Pasianidis ,Fenia Papadopoulou, Greece

    Flavie, Corsica, France.

    Theresa and Melissa, Sophie and Noemi - Germany


    2.Optimize your potential and well-being at school

    Laurent,Pedro,Yanis,Szymen,  Corsica, France.
    Sara, Cristina C, Merce María A, Cristina S Talia, Marta, Clara, Ana, Mónica Gabriel, Adrián, Rubis, Darius (Spain)
    Eleni Kefali , Theodora Gourogianni, Aggeliki Kiriakou,Anna Pasianidi Greece

    Magdalena, Simone, Letizia, Fabia, Lucia, Jessica - Germany


    3. A netiquette for the twinspace:

    Quentin, Maélys, Jean Baptiste, Louis, Océane Corsica, France.

    Vasilis Kontaridis, Maria Nikolopoulou, Dimitra Kartsakli,Dimitris Mavrelis; Greece


    4. A charter for the host families

    Paola, Clara, Clementine, Davia, Flavie and Ange etienne Corsica,     France.

    Georgia Karaiskou, Aggelos Sekkas. Alexandra Melioti, Jackinthi Stefanidi, Greece


    5. Rules for the mobilities:

    Chiara, Orsu Francescu, Katia, Aurélien Corsica, France.

    Theodora Gourogianni, Maria Margariti, Pantelis Fournogerakis, Anastasios Katsanos  Greece


    Team building in Corsica: