Rules for the mobilities:


    • after interacting virtually, let's get ready for real life collaboration
    • optimize our learning and training during mobilities
    • always be safe in real life and online
    • get involved fully


    1. list the do's and dont's according to the activities.

    Here are the clues given:

     Team Corsica at work:

    1. Write your rules according to the categories: (writen your name + country)

      Chiara, Corsica

      Sporting activities :
      -You musn't push your classmate at sport;
      -You must respect the sport stuff and rules.
      -You can change your clothes after sport .

      katia corsica

      Art activities :
      -You shouldn't talk in the museums.
      -We can't draw or deteriorate the monuments of the countries we are going to visit.
      -Your are not allowed to mess the other kids' work.

      Aurélien, Corsica

      Clothing rules :
      -You must have appropriate clothing according to the season and the school dress code and activities on the program.

      Orsu Francescu corsica

      The means of transport:
      -Children who are not 4.265 feets are not allowed to be in front of the car.
      -You shouldn't smoke during mobilities at all.
      -You shouldn't check you phone at any time mostly on a bus not to be sick..

      Mari Ángeles and Cristina Castellano (Spain)

      Social activities:
      - Don't insult your fellow classmates
      - Don't shout, speak in a normal tone
      - Don't use offensive words

      George, Evi, Basililis, Aggelos, Amalia, Stella Greece

      Social activities
      1.Respect and acknowledge the rules you're asked to obey.
      2.Socialize with people from partner countries and be friendly.
      Cultural Activities
      1.Respect the historical sites and monuments of the country you're visiting.