PUBLIC: Erasmag Team N°1


    • share the magazine of the Corsican mobility with the project members to remember the activities, and their objectives, share the experiment, and work on the results and the impact.
    • Share the magazine within our schools to meet our school mission.
    • Share the magazine in the press to advertise our project and the Erasmus program.
    • Share the magazine to different targets in order to present our LTT, to explicit our objectives and activities...
    • conduct surveys to analyse along with others data.
    • The magazine as an additional experimental activity:
    • have a critical vision of it as regards its layout, composition... have we succeeded in finding a good social code ?
    • make suggestions to improve the magazine content or our working method as regards time, objectives, article forms, collaboration, languages used, knowledge spread, intercultural dialogue...? Do we have a real balance of ingredients? Or not?
    • notice the importance again of taking good pictures.
    • be informative considering the different sections
    • make sure everybody has a clearer view of the notions behind the magazine sections.
    • The magazine as a result to disseminate:
    • make sure all the project members have understood the LTT objectives; even the ones who didn't travel and have watched the "Distance teaching" and LTT  pages prior reading the magazine.
    • remind the skills gained (Europass) and reached objectives.
    • increase personal self-esteem 
    • give us the opportunity to list all the skills we need to work on to match our objectives and set new objectives.
    • improve our knowledge on Europe, France and the French educational school system.
    • maintain the members' interest in the project and keep good project memories along with the TwinSpace dedicated pages and tweet training. 
    • A magazine to illustrate our project which is part of our school missions.
    • illustration of activities within the French school system.
    • innovative practices as regards: teaching and learning practices, safety, interpersonal relationship and external environment like the participation of the parents for example and other professionals.
    • Students and teachers are  involved in European priorities and European team work.
    • share knowledges, testimonies and feedback of our LTT
    • show our school level of organization and professionalism.
    • improve the image of our schools
    • A magazine to illustrate what we can share with other schools in Europe and European platforms concerning our LTT experience:
    • share good practices: experimental activity results in different fields
    • share concrete examples of collaborative activities
    • pluridisciplanary teaching program inside and outside school.
    • Media workshop: cultural teaching, social teaching, multi languages teaching, pluridisciplinary teaching, outside teaching, digital  and media teaching...
    • tackle the question of how to improve socialization in Europe as European citizens and digital citizens; how to seize our European citizenship better and to take advantage of it to collaborate. How to master the media and improve digital literacy.


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